Review: Midnight in Paris


Not too long ago I went on a mini tangent about how I always try to watch Woody Allen films, and am always let down. A number of my fellow bloggers/tweeters were quick to recommend a few that they didn't think I would hate. Midnight in Paris was one of those film.

Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel McAdams) are done crashing weddings and are tagging along on Inez's father's business venture to Paris. Gil is a successful screenwriter who's attempting to write his first novel. He believes the 20's were the golden age, and he quickly falls in love with Paris. He feels inspired through his midnight walks through Paris, but snobbish Inez doesn't feel the same.

Paris is an enchanting city, and I honestly think that beauty distracted me from the fact that this was an Allen feature. Maybe I'm looking for excuses, but I couldn't believe how beautiful this movie was. Sure it followed the familiar formula of a couple drawn apart, but Gil's trips down memory lane were mesmerizing and I really rooted for him to stay in Paris and leave Inez, as horrible as it sounds.

I guess I can enjoy a little Woody Allen when something as beautiful as walking the streets of Paris is thrown in. I'm a little embarassed to admit how much I loved this.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "I see..rhinoceros.." - Adrian Brody (Salvador Dali)


  1. awwww. i'm so glad you enjoyed this. this movie is so delightful, it's practically impossible for someone not to love it. it's simply marvelous. note: i wasn't even a fan of woody allen, but this is just SO good!


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