DVD Review: Contagion

Hand sanitizer, anyone?

Contagion is an ensemble thriller that centers around a mysterious disease that's quickly spreading across the world. The CDC must figure out its orgin, learn how it works, and ultimately figure out how to vaccinate against it. We're shown many different stories of the people effected. From the person who originated the virus, to her family, to members of the CDC stationed all over the world, to the doctor that makes the cure, to the blogger who profits from it all.

The cast is full of talented, veteran, Oscar and Emmy winning actors. Director Steven Soderbergh does his best to give each story enough attention, though a few stories, particularly the one involving Marion Cotillard fall a bit short. The only performance I could fault is Jude Law's. Where the hell was his character supposed to be from? His accent was all over the place and incredibly inconsistent. The movie is reminiscent of the Swine Flu outbreak in 2009, but in this case the disease actually backs up the hype. It will certainly make you want to wash your hands and lock yourself in your homes for awhile.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "I got people too." - Roger (John Hawkes)


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