DVD Review: Take Shelter

A storm is coming.

Curtis (Michael Shannon) has been having terrifying dreams, he's hallucinating, and has become overly paranoid. With a history of mental illness in his family, Curtis seeks help from professionals behind his wife, Samantha's (Jessica Chastain) back. He decides to fix up an old storm shelter in his backyard, this costly effort is coming at a difficult time as the couple's young daughter is preparing for surgery. It puts strain on his marriage, and his well being in general.

Take Shelter gets downright creepy when it needs to be and is intriguing through out. I'm sure everyone is sick of the whole "oh so and so got screwed out of an Oscar nomination" but I'm going to go there again. Michael Shannon deserved more recognition for this fantastic performance he turned in. Shannon's recent work has proved he's a talented actor, but this performance is on a whole other level for him. Jessica Chastain had a fantastic year, and she should  be proud to add this film to her impressive list of work. The ending felt a bit far fetched to me, but it didn't ruin the rest of the film.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "The storm is over." - Samantha (Jessica Chastain)


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