Indie Gems: Stakeland

The world woke up to a nightmare.
Stakeland puts quite the effort into standing out from other films in it's genre. I felt like it tried to combine everything that is "in" at the moment. The world is not just over run by vampires or zombies, Stakeland makes a vampire/zombie hybrid that's taken over the world.

Martin (Connor Paolo) is trying to make his way to Canada, which is allegedly a safe haven. He comes across a man known only as Mister. (Nick Damici) He's a bad ass and zombie/vampire hunter who helps Martin and others (including scream queen Danielle Harris as pregnant Belle) as they try to survive.

Stakeland was gory despite the film's small budget. Even though I'm growing tired of the "crazy Christian church" schtick it was an interesting touch to what could've been just a regular zombie movie.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "I've seen things you would never believe.." - Martin (Connor Paolo)


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