100 Movie Facts About Me

I borrowed this idea from Stevee and Lesya. Basically, it's like making an IMDb trivia list for yourself, only it's focused on movies. Here it goes..

1) I loved Amerian Beauty as a young teen because it was about a family more fucked up then my own, as I grew older, I began to love it for so many more reasons.

2) The first film I remember seeing in theaters is Jurassic Park.

3) The only film I've ever walked out of was The Devil's Rejects. (though I should've walked out of many more.)

4) I've seen nearly every Shirley Temple film, minus her Baby Burlesque shorts.

5) I visit IMDb daily and get kind of annoyed when I meet people who have never heard of the site.

6) Joseph Gordon-Levitt became my favorite actor after seeing his performance in Mysterious Skin.

7) The Exorcist was the first movie to scare the crap out of me.

8) I cried so hard watching Old Yeller that my daycare had to call my dad to come pick me up early because I was inconsolable. (He never lets me forget this.)

9) Coincidentally every time I was home sick from school I wound up watching Bebe's Kids on HBO. That movie was always on.

10) One of the nerdiest things I've ever done in a theater was say "yesssss" when Skinner showed up in X Files: I Want To Believe.

11) The Olsen Twins were my tween idols for awhile..until my inner film buff kicked in and I realized they were horrible actors and just had cool clothes.

12) I worked at a movie theater when I was in high school, the only movie I ever "wrapped" as a projectionist was The Last Samurai. Melted a bit of it too. Go me.

13) I love coming of age films that take place in "suburbia."

14) As much as I bitch about Emma Watson's acting in Harry Potter, I couldn't picture anyone else as Hermione.

15) The first movie I remember watching in class and actually enjoying was To Kill A Mockingbird.

16) I hate clowns because of The Polterguist, and puppets because of Puppermaster. I'm not afraid of them, I just think they're creepy.

17) My favorite composers are John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Mark Mothersbaugh.

18) I'm still not sure what exactly happened in The Fountain.

19) Speaking of which, I'll be the first to admit when I don't "get" a film.

20) I love to talk about movies with true film fans that appreciate every aspect of them.

21) I hate when people say they don't want to have to "pay attention" to a movie. Example: I know people who won't go see Inception because they hear you have to really pay attention.

22) The most I've cried in a theater was during Hotel Rwanda.

23) The first animated feature that really floored me with how beautiful it was was WALL-E.

24) Before Netflix I would occasionally buy independent films from Amazon before I even saw them because I wanted to view them so badly and had no other access to them. Thankfully I've never regretted any of my purchases.

25) Ellen Page became one of my favorite actresses after seeing her performance in Hard Candy.

26) I despise Lars Von Trier movies.

27) My favorite bad movie to watch is White Chicks.

28) My friends and I probably quote a combination of Anchorman, Dodgeball and Scary Movie 2 (the strong hand) daily.

29) I love Will Ferrell no matter how crappy of movies he is in. (I sat through Bewitched and Kicking and Screaming)

30) I've occasionally taken up fashion advice from characters in movies.

31) I think The Boondock Saints is the most overrated film of all time.

32) I prefer Katharine Hepburn over Audrey Hepburn

33) I saw Matchstick Men, Cold Creek Manor, and Mystic River in theaters all on the same day and have not seen them again since.

34) The actress I've been told I most resemble is Evan Rachel Wood.

35) My favorite acting voices are Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett and Denis Leary.

36) Whenever I hear the song "She Will Be Loved." I think of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams kissing at the MTV Movie Awards after they won Best Kiss for The Notebook.

37)When I saw Ellen Page was starring in a film 'An American Crime' that led me to find the true story of Sylvia Likens, which the movie was based on. It really hit me hard, and was the driving force for me changing my major in college. (EDIT. Just to elaborate since a few asked questions. My major is social work/counseling. I want to find better places for children who live in bad situations. Had someone reported Sylvia's condition to social services, she would still be alive.

38) The first review I ever posted online was Jeepers Creepers 2, and it was because I was so pissed off at how stupid it was. I think it was on epinions.com.

39) I think scenes of characters standing in the shower in deep thought are extremely chliched.

40) I once watched Up in the Air and 127 Hours twice each in the same day.

41) I cannot understand a damn work Sylvester Stallone says.

42) It took me awhile to really enjoy The Godfather movies.

43) One movie I really wanted to enjoy, but couldn't get passed the crazy editing was The Tracey Fragments

44) I saw The Rum Diary being filmed in Puerto Rico and got to say hello to Amber Heard.

45) I love scenes with light snow falling. (think Edward Sissor Hands)

46) I couldn't eat chocolate cake for the longest time after watching the kid in Matilda eat a giant one.

47) I'm addicted to watching the Oscars/Globes/SAGs/Emmys etc. Even the red carpet.

48) I think Crash over Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture is the biggest upset in Oscar history. (Although Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan is a close second)

49) I actually teared up during Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech when he won Best Original Screenplay for Milk at the Oscars.

50) One child actor that annoys me to no end is Chloe Grace Moretz

51) I can't watch The Labryinth because I find David Bowie's massive bulge a little too distracting.

52) I don't care for Westerns.

53) If the fate of humanity depended on me watching I Spit On Your Grave, then we'd all be fucked.

54) I love watching foreign films, and hate when people complain about reading subtitles.

55) I think Rupert Grint is the strongest actor of the Harry Potter Trio

56) The funniest thing I've heard yelled in a theater was "Run, Forest, Run" while watching The Two Towers during the march of the Ents scene.

57) I actually prefer to watch movies alone.

58) Speaking of which, when I saw Precious there was only me and one other person in the theater, and we were both crying by the end.

59) I told my employer that I was not coming to work the next day if Heath Ledger didn't win the Oscar for The Dark Knight. I meant it.

60) I could listen to "Test Drive" from the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack every day.

61) Sometimes I will watch movies just to see how bad they are.

62) I love watching films that are based in Paris.

63) My favorite theater snack is mini donuts or licorice.

64) I hate the 3D gimmick and I cannot wait for it to be over.

65) I worked at a movie theater when Dodgeball came out, and while I was cleaning the auditorium during the credits, no one warned me about the "Milkshake" scene after it. I laughed hysterically, by myself, with my broom and dust pan. The sad part is I had actually seen the original online video they were making fun of prior.

66) I was so intoxicated when I saw Harold and Kumar 2 that I only remember one part, that I believe was in the center of the film.

67) The Avengers made me appreciate Thor a little more, and also made me fall in love with Tom Hiddleston's acting.

68) I do not think for one second that American Beauty is overrated.

69) I love musicals, but I think most of the recent ones have been crap.

70) Kevin Costner bores me to death.

71) I think Sienna Miller's performance in Factory Girl is extremely underrated.

72) Powder was my first "wtf" movie experience.

73) I find the movie Orca hilarious.

74) I will never understand why everyone thinks Napoleon Dynamite is so funny. I think it's incredibly lame.

75) I love the Indie Sex documentaries that aired on IFC. They are so interesting, and led me to a lot of great films. Not because I go looking for films with sex, but because a lot of the indies I like end up being "controversial" in that department.

76) My favorite Disney movies are The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Tarzan, and Hercules.

77) My Favorite Pixar movies are A Bugs Life and WALL-E

78) I loved watching The Secret of NIMH growing up, and was appauled by the musical sequel.

79) I was never fascinated with Marilyn Monroe

80) I often wonder what River Phoenix's career would've been like had he not passed away at such a young age.

81) Nowadays I prefer Jim Carrey's dramas to his comedies.

82) I dislike movies that have one character "playing/leading on" another for selfish reasons. (i.e Albert Nobbs, She's All That)

83) I always laugh when there is a birthing scene in a film, and the  "newborn" baby is obviously like 4 months old.

84) I think Frodo and Sam would've made a mighty good couple.

85) I nearly had to put subtitles on while watching Disco Pigs as I could not understand a word anyone said. (Although the quality of the DVD might have contributed to that.)

86) I love reading other blogger's "Top 10 lists" for the years.

87) I recently re-watched the Amityville Horror remake just to see Ryan Reynolds without a shirt.

88) My heart sank when Darth Vader yelled "noooooo" in Revenge of the Sith. SANK!

89) The first time I watched Revolutionary Road was on a plane, and my flight was shorter than the film. It stopped about 15 minutes before the end and I had to wait 5 days to get on my return flight to finish it.

90) A good film related drinking game: Take a shot/swig everytime a racial slur is uttered in Gran Torino.

91) I love the VIP theater in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. Comfy seats, and they serve you drinks/food during the film.

92) I get "Miracles" from The Prince of Egypt stuck in my head quite often.

93) Normally, I don't mind movie spoilers, the only time it ever got to me was one someone spoiled The Skin I Live In.

94) Superbad remided me of a lot of people I went to high school with.

95) I love it when Samuel L. Jackson starts yelling.

96) I think Hellboy 2 is far superior to the first Hellboy

97) I think Dawn of the Dead is the best remake ever. (Seriously, I freaking love that movie)

98) Tim Burton is responsible for me appreciating art direction in movies a bit more than I used to.

99) I was forced to watch The Goonies every day for an entire summer when I was young. I think that's why I dislike it so much.

100) Christopher Nolan is my favorite director. Quentin Tarantino is a close second.


  1. #4 -- that's nice! I haven't seen any. Which one would you recommend to see without any hesitation?
    #13 -- I like coming of age films and any films set in suburbia
    #18 -- not sure either.
    #37 -- wow! So your major is Law? And now I really want to see that film. Strangely, havent heard of it yet.
    #52 -- I've read four or five such 100 film facts about me posts and everyone mentioned westerns! And people aren't fond of them.
    #61 -- me too. You have to know.
    #62 -- then you'll love our (definitely not entirely mine) Sunday post, maybe, you'll find some films you haven't seen yet.
    #68 -- and it's not.
    #100 -- great final fact.

    Enjoyed the list! I know how hard it is to make one.

  2. I love this post. :-) Many things made me nod or laugh out loud. A few comments/questions:

    #1 - That is part of the beauty of books and movies, especially when you're young. They tell you "You are not alone."

    #8 - Why do teachers and daycare providers make kids watch Old Yeller? What kind of sick sadistic shit is that, anyway? :-)

    #37 - Wow! That movie was literally life changing for you. Are you going to law school to become a prosecutor?

    #53 - I'm with you on that! I wouldn't watch that movie at gunpoint.

    #100 - Memento is one of my favorite movies of all time. Tarantino is terrific too.

  3. I love American Beauty for the same reason that you did. And I love your final fact!

    #54 is a fact that's after my heart. I hate people who hate subtitles!

  4. Lesya, my major is social work. After I read about that, I wanted to make sure no child would ever be put in that situation. If it had been reported, Syliva would be alive. As for Shirley, Captain January, A Little Princess, and Susannah of the Mounties are my favs.

    Stephanie, I don't know why they force us too watch that crap! I don't know what the lesson is. Reward your animal for saving your bratty kids by shooting it? Beats me. Again, major is social work. I'd be a terrible procecuter. I swear too much. I'd rather find a nice home for kids in need.

  5. Nice list! White Chicks is my guilty pleasure too!

  6. #54) Subtitles over dubbing anytime
    #53) and #61) kinda contradicts
    #58) I was that one other person in the theatre watching Precious with you. Darn! Now all my friends will know I cried during a movie.
    #95) Everything that comes out of Samuel l. Jackson’s mouth sounds like yelling to me.
    #97) Totally agree. Fast running zombies for the win. Slow moving zombies are kinda boring.
    #100) Christopher Nolan isn’t actually a director. He is a God of Film! He merely snaps his fingers and a masterpiece of a film is created.

  7. I swear too much, too ... I'd never make it in a courtroom. :-) Kudos for going into social work. I used to be a counselor working with "at-risk" kids -- it's amazing what's going on all around us -- in terms of kids being hurt and put at risk -- when we look below the surface. :-( Sometimes these children are labeled "emotionally disturbed" and put in special classrooms, or medicated for ADD, when the problem is environmental rather than neurological.

    BTW, my daughter also made a "100 Movie Facts About Me" post on our blog, in case you want to check it out. ;-)


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