Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Only the living can kill the dead.

The mostly negative reviews for this film kind of baffle me. I don't know what others expected when they bought a ticket to a film called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but I sure hope it wasn't a history lesson.

The title says it all, Abe Lincoln, besides being one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever seen is also a vampire hunter. Vampires murdered his mother, so he seeks revenge, eventually the Vamps get on the bad side of the Civil War, so now Lincoln must defend not just his family, but his nation.

First of all, a TON of credit has to go towards Benjamin Walker for his Lincoln. To say he was awesome is kind of an understatement. A film like this is meant to rest on the back of the visual effects, but Walker is the film's heart. He looks like Lincoln, and plays him exceptionally well. That's a large load for a newcomer, and he handles it well. So what if the film defies logic/physics/gravity in every aspect possible? It was an entertaining film to watch, and contains possibly the best horse chasing scene I've ever seen in a movie. The middle drags, but Abe the Hunter was a fun ride through and through. I just don't think it deserves the wave of negativity its getting. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "This isn't the only railroad." - Will Johnson (Anthony Mackie)


  1. Surprising. I don't wanna see it in theater though.

  2. yeah, it was a okay okay only movie for me.
    anyways, take care~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. I'm seeing this on Friday. Glad to see a positive review for once, your write-up makes me hope this won't be a complete bust. Yep, I'm not expecting a history lesson, just mindless entertainment with cool special effects :)

  4. interesting. i like the vampire concept. but setting it during the civil war but i do wanna catch this.

  5. This was a fun movie. Yeah, a lot of times it was silly, but as long as we're enjoying the ride, who cares? Ironically, whenever the story tried to be serious (politics, love life, etc) that's when it started to get a bit boring. I'm looking forward to see what Benjamin Walker will be in next.

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