DVD Review: Albert Nobbs

A man with a secret. A women with a dream.

Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) is a woman disguised as a man working in 19th century Ireland. It's easier to come by work as a man, but when she meets Mr. Page, another woman acting as a man she becomes intrigued on how she's managed to keep this secret, get married and have her own career. Albert dreams of owning his own tobacco shops, and hopes that young Helen (Mia Wasikowska) will marry him and help him run it.

Albert Nobbs started off with promise, then turned into a gigantic downer for me. There were some truly beautiful moments in the film, such as Albert envisioning her shop, Albert and Hubert walking along the beach, but the crummy ending kind of ruined that for me. The minute Helen started to use Albert was where it went down hill for me. I don't like to see sweet characters being picked on, and it just lost a lot of promise to me. Close and McTeer both give wonderful performances, but Mia and co-star Aaron Johnson both seemed like they were overacting. Brenden Gleeson plays a small part as a doctor in the film, it's nice to see him, but he certainly can't save this film on his own.

Recommended: No

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "I don't know what makes people live such miserable lives." - Dr. Holloran (Brenden Gleeson)


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