Indie Gems: Junebug

You. Do. Not!

Madeline (Embeth Davidtz) is an art dealer who travels to the south to meet her new husband's (Alessandro Nivola) family for the first time. There's parents, Eugene and Pam, ( Scott Wilson and Ceila Weston) introverted and angry brother Johnny, (Ben Mackenzie) and his extra sweet, pregnant girlfriend, Ashley. (Amy Adams) On the side, Madeline is also trying to deal with a strange artist, leaving room for plenty of things to fall out of place.

You know how sometimes you can watch a film, and only one actor stands out among the rest? This was Amy Adams in her Oscar nominated performance in Junebug. I almost felt like nothing happens in the movie until she walks on screen. So why recommend a movie like that? Simple. Adams is so damn good. Her character is sweet, naive, and almost child like, towards the end of the film she delivers such an emotional scene I was nearly moved to tears. Adams deserved every bit of that nomination, and she's seen a few more since making this film. For any Amy Adams fan, this is definitely one you can't miss!

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way."


  1. I really liked this movie, and I agree that Amy Adams was terrific. I found her determined enthusiasm and joy over the upcoming birth, in the face of her husband's immaturity and indifference, to be kind of heartbreaking.

  2. I love Amy Adams and this has been on my to watch list forever. I think now it's finally the time to see this one.


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