The Morning After: True Blood's Season 5 Premiere

As many of you know, season 5 of True Blood premiered last night to (sort of) answer the million questions the season 4 finale left us with. I liked last night's episode and here I'm going to recap the burning questions that season 4 left us, with the answers we got from last night.

Tara: Last we saw her she got half of her head blown off by Debbie, while Sookie and Lafayette mourn, Pam shows up looking for Eric and Lafayette comes up with the idea that she should turn Tara. Tara hates vampires, but Sookie and Lafayette are seeing this as giving her another shot at light. Pam doesn't know how well it will work since half of her brain is missing, but turn her she does. At the end of the episode, Tara rises up ferociously, and it looks like she won't be her former self. Last season I totally called Pam turning Tara, I don't know why, but I was right. My husband saw this as a cop out and thinks they should've just killed her. (Maybe he's just used to Game of Thrones killing everyone despite their main character status) Personally, I don't hate Tara as much as others. I think her character's bitchiness is hilarious, and I don't blame her for being emotionally scarred. I'm interested to see where this goes.

Rev Newlin: Ahh, the face of the anti vampire church is now a vamp himself and confesses his love for Jason. I thought this was pretty funny and I look forward to more of him. That being said, Jason really does get the worst story lines on this show. The werepanthers, the high school quarterback on V, now he's pining for Jessica over a game of Rock Band? Please. That was easily the worst part of the show. I don't care to see Jessica hang out with her co-ed pals, I don't care to see Jason so hung up over someone (even though it's probably her blood doing most of it.) I don't care to see Hoyt and his friends come up with a lame comeback like "girlfriend fucker" at Merlottes. This isn't the CW.

Terry: Terry's mysterious friend comes into his life and rubs him the wrong way. We didn't get a lot of answers here, just that like Terry, his friends have lost their houses to fires. Some lost their lives. All because of "that night in Iraq." which hasn't been explained.

Sam: Not much progression here, he agrees to go with the Werewolves to protect Luna and Emma, as they think he killed Marcus. But Luna eventually tells Alcide and they show up at the right time to save him.

Russel Edgington: We didn't find out who dug him up, we didn't even see his face, but Alcide has informed both Eric and Sookie, the latter of which he tried to convince to come stay with him before Lafayette kicked him out of Sookie's house, that he has escaped. Sookie was going to tell Alcide about Debbie, but got interrupted. I'm sure this will come about at a crucial time later.

Eric and Bill: I find their new "bromance" thing a little odd. Eric hated Bill, is he only doing this because he's been hurt by Sookie? Because Bill is the king? Who knows. After they are captured by the Authority a rogue agent sets them free. This girl happens to be Nora, Eric's "sister." They are brother and sister because they share the same maker, Godric. But no one knows about this, not even Pam. This could also explain why Nora wasn't around when Godric was kidnapped in season 2, because she had to stay in the Authority. We already know they are going to play a big part in this season, and it looks like next week's episode will introduce them more.

Although I loved this opener, it also perfectly showcases one of the things about True Blood that I find insanely annoying: They have multiple story lines that do NOT connect at all. Since season 3 they've been going downhill when it comes to tying story lines together. True Blood has a lot of characters that we've gotten attached too, but sometimes I just wish they would all be back in Merlotte's at once like old times. I have a feeling season 5 is going to be killing a couple of these main characters off. I'm going to guess that Terry, Hoyt, Holly, and maybe Luna eventually bite the dust.

Best lines of the opener:

Eric: "We fight like siblings, but fuck like champions."

Holly's son: "On the couch, Mama? Where I sleep!"

Pam: "If your magic powers and super snatch can fix what's broken between me and Eric, and then you still owe me one, we have a deal."


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