DVD Review: A Teacher

People are stupid.

Diana Watts (Lindsay Burge) is a mousy, immature teacher that's currently having an affair with one of her students, Eric. (Will Brittain) We don't know how the affair started. We're teased that Diana has some family issues, but it's never elaborated beyond a short conversation with her brother. So if you were expecting to delve into Diana's psyche and figure out why she decided to do something completely illegal (Eric's age isn't specified, so he could be 18, I guess), you'll be disappointed.

That's kind of what I was hoping for when I decided to watch this. I can never understand why any adult would want to date a teenager. Let alone one that is your HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. It just kind of baffles me. Diana is way too obsessed with Eric, who is clearly just there for sex. It's painfully obvious, so why is she such a stage 5 clinger? Who knows. This movie just kind of coasts through and gives little to know answers. It ends exactly how you would picture it too.

Recommended: No

Grade: D

Memorable Quote: "I miss you." - Diana (Lindsay Bruge)


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