2015 Emmy Award Winners + my thoughts

"The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity" - Viola Davis. Can we talk about how perfect her speech was? I wanted to cry. That happened a few times, actually. I wanted to cry when Tracy Morgan was talking about his recovery. I wanted to cry when I saw George R. R Martin in attendance NOT writing Winds of Winter. I wanted to cry when they threatened to use Shame Nun from Game of Thrones to play people off instead of the orchestra, then didn't follow through.  I guess I've been drinking too much wine. Here are the 2015 Emmy winners in the acting categories. The winners are in blue, my thoughts as always follow in green

Outstanding Comedy Series
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation
Silicon Valley
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
FINALLY Veep wins best Comedy, breaking Modern Family's streak. They're the funniest thing on TV right now. They deserved it. 

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
Lily Tomlin - Grace and Frankie
Amy Schumer - Inside Amy Schumer
Edie Falco - Nurse Jackie
Amy Poehler - Parks and Recreation
Lisa Kudrow - The Comeback
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Veep
I was psyched for JLD, but it seems a lot of people were angry Poehler didn't win. When I saw Seth Meyers was presenting, I actually thought she'd take it. It would've been nice to see her receive an Emmy from one of her closest friends. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Anthony Anderson - Black-ish
Matt LeBlanc - Episodes
Don Cheadle - House of Lies
Louis C.K. - Louie
William H. Macy - Shameless
Will Forte - The Last Man on Earth
Jeffrey Tambor - Transparent
Jimmy Kimmel had the best presentation of the night when he opened the envelope early, cut out the name, then ate it. Some poor Emmy employee probably had a heart attack. 

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Niecy Nash - Getting On
Julie Bowen - Modern Family
Allison Janney - Mom
Kate McKinnon - Saturday Night Live
Mayim Bialik - The Big Bang Theory
Gaby Hoffman - Transparent
Jane Krakowski - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Anna Chlumsky - Veep
I'm happy for Janney. She has so many Emmys. I do have to take a moment to bitch about Mayim Bialik being insufferable on the red carpet again. Yes, we know you have a neuroscience degree. That does not mean you are a neuroscientist. Where are you contributing? What papers have you written recently? Yeah Bialik, we get it it. You think you're smart, but you're an actress. That's your job. Stop trying to make yourself sound superior. You play the most annoying character on the Big Bang Theory. 

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy
Andre Braugher - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Adam Driver - Girls
Keegan-Michael Key - Key & Peele
Ty Burrel - Modern Family
Titus Burgess- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Tony Hale - Veep
The announcer said Hale was so excited to hear about his nomination that he forgot to take his daughter to camp. He thanked her in his speech. 

Outstanding Drama Series
Better Call Saul
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men
Orange Is the New Black
I'm so happy that Game of Thrones is finally getting recognized as the best drama, it's just a shame it was for its worst season. 

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Claire Danes - Homeland
Viola Davis - How to Get Away with Murder
Taraji P. Henson - Empire
Tatiana Maslany -Orphan Black
Elisabeth Moss - Mad Men
Robin Wright - House of Cards
I quoted Viola at the beginning of my post, but her acceptance speech is seriously so perfect. Henson was so happy for her too. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Kyle Chandler - Bloodline
Jeff Daniels - The Newsroom
Jon Hamm - Mad Men
Bob Odenkirk - Better Call Saul
Liev Schrieber - Ray Donovon
Kevin Spacey - House of Cards
I wanted Odenkirk to win this, but I'm happy for Hamm. I think the internet would've exploded if he lost again. Then I wouldn't be hear blogging. 

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Joanne Froggatt - Downton Abbey
Lena Headey - Game of Thrones
Emilia Clarke - Game of Thrones
Christina Hendricks - Mad Men
Uzo Aduba - Orange Is the New Black
Christine Baranski - The Good Wife

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Jonathan Banks - Better Call Saul
Ben Mendelsohn - Bloodline
Jim Carter - Downton Abbey
Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones
Michael Kelly - House of Cards
Alan Cumming - The Good Wife
Peter Dinklage obviously thought Jonathan Banks was going to win because he got up and was like "Jonathan Banks..and everyone else." I'm happy for Dinklage, but this was not his best season at all. Other Thrones actors were better.

Outstanding Mini Series
American Crime
American Horror Story: Freak Show
The Honorable Woman
Olive Kitteridge
Wolf Hall
Holy crap, Olive Kitteridge cleaned house tonight. 

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Mini Series or Movie
Felicity Huffman - American Crime
Jessica Lange - American Horror Story: Freak Show
Queen Latifah, Bessie
Frances McDormand - Olive Kitteridge
Emma Thompson - Mrs. Lovett
Maggie Gyllenhaal - The Honorable Woman
In case you were wondering, Frances McDormand still hates everything.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Mini Series or a Movie
Timothy Hutton - American Crime
Ricky Gervais - Derek Special
Adrien Brody - Houdini
David Oyelowo - Nightingale
Richard Jenkins - Olive Kitteridge
Mark Rylance - Wolf Hall

Outstanding TV Movie
Agatha Christie’s Poirot — Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case
Grace of Monaco
Hello Ladies: The Movie
Killing Jesus
I thought Bessie would win more, but this is it. 

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a  Mini Series or Movie
Regina King - American Crime
Sarah Paulson - American Horror Story: Freak Show
Angela Bassett - American Horror Story: Freak Show
Kathy Bates - American Horror Story: Freak Show
Mo’Nique - Bessie
Zoe Kazan - Olive Kitteridge
Zoe was the only Olive Kitteridge actor that didn't win, but judging by the clips they showed, these performances were all great. I'm happy for King, she looked very surprised. 

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Mini Series or Movie
Richard Cabral  American Crime
Denis O’Hare  American Horror Story: Freak Show
Finn Wittrock  American Horror Story: Freak Show
Michael Kenneth Williams - Bessie
Bill Murray - Olive Kitteridge
Damian Lewis - Wolf Hall


  1. Yay for Bill Murray and his birthday is now!!!

  2. I love your recaps, on to writing my own with less valid thoughts. :D

    1. Your thoughts are not invalid, I can't wait to read your post!

  3. Your Mayim Bialik rant is just my favourite thing about this post!! I loved her at first but now she just irritates me.
    With all the wins that Olive Kitteridge got, I'm just going to have to watch it now!
    - Allie

    1. Lol thank you. Bialik is the worst. She ranges to being annoying (pretending to be something she's not) to dangerous (promoting anti-vaxinations) I need to check out Olive Kitterage too.

  4. Replies
    1. Seems a lot of people are! It was a long time coming for him.

  5. I didn't bother with the Emmys because I had no clue what was going on. I've seen lots of The Good Wife and Empire. Watched How to Get Away with Murder and Blackish a couple times each. That's just pretty much whay my wife likes. So that's what I see when I decide to plop down next to her. The only show I've seen a loy of on my own accord is Modern Family, but that's all reruns from prior seasons. In other words, I have no idea who was good in most categories. Glad to hear about Davis's speech, though.

    1. I try to keep up with reviews or buzz of the shows I don't watch, or at least check out clips in preparation, but there's so much sometimes it's hard. I didn't see any mini series or TV movies this year that were nominated.

  6. I think I don't watch TV because I don't watch an actual TV, but I do watch series on netflix and dvd, so even I know quite a few of these!
    I don't watch the Emmys but I don't have to as long as I have you!
    Great coverage, and I too loved your MB rant.

    1. lol thank you, and fuck Mayim Bialik, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that is so annoyed by her.

  7. I hope they get those series quickly to Netflix. It sucks that I can't watched them... I could download (illegally) but that's against my principles so I just have to wait.
    I'm so glad Davis won and so so so thrilled that GoT finally won for the best series because it is! (And I don't think the last season was the worst).
    Veep, is it really the funniest on atm? I haven't watched a single episode...

    1. Yes, it is absolutely the funniest thing. It has been for awhile. It's not to say shows likes Parks and Rec and Modern Family aren't funny, because they are, but Veep has been on a whole other level for quite some time. I love it so much.

  8. I taped it. I can't get into the Emmy's as much any more because most of the TV stuff is on HBO or some other station I don't get. I'm glad John Hamm finally won. I can't stand The Big Bang Theory-over-rated and I went to university with these people-still annoying. Mayim was Blossom...'nough said. It is amazing that it took this long for an African American woman to win in this category...geez it isn't 1965. I have no idea what Olive Kitteridge is:)

    1. God, I know. I can't believe Viola was the first. That's so embarrassing. I'm happy she has that title, because she's Viola Davis, but really, that long for a WOC to win? Not cool.

      I really liked The Big Bang Theory until they brought in Bernadette and Amy. Bernie was good in small doses at first (Amy was always terrible) but then I just got annoyed with how harsh they're personalities became and how shitty everyone on the show treats Penny because she's not college educated like they are. They were that show that made "nerds cool" according to themselves for the longest time, but now those same "nerds" turned into bullies. It's impossible to like anyone on that show except Leonard anymore.

  9. I was very excited about Veep too! And, despite the fact that i don't care for HTGAWM, I heart viola Davis. always and forever.

    1. I haven't had a chance to watch the show. I know I should with all the buzz it's getting.

  10. You have no idea how much shit I've wrote about the Emmys already for tomorrow's post

  11. So people predicted right for Game of Thrones (I will not have give it to them and weirdly, it seems I'm one of the few who thinks that was not a bad season).
    Olive Kitteridge was amazing, so great ! I prefer Regina King to Zoe Kazan, she gaves a powerful performance in American Crime.

    1. King seemed worthy of the award, so I'm not mad about Kazan l just have a soft spot for her.

  12. Davis' speech was the highlight for sure. Such poise and grace.

  13. The Game of Thrones win and Hamm's victory make me want to finally check out both shows. (I started GOT season 1 ages ago and never finished it.)

    1. Late reply but I hope you eventually start it! lol

  14. I'm still crying over Poehler losing. Agh, it was their last chance. But Parks and Recreation has never won an Emmy. So they never really got into it, I don't think.

    Also, Viola Davis. Best speech of the night.

    1. I'm surprised Parks and Rec never won anything. Maybe people thought it was too similiar to The Office?

    2. It is a lot like The Office. Except Parks is actually funny. IMO it's a lot funnier than The Office.

    3. I didn't watch either show religiously, but from what I have seen, I agree with that statement.


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