DVD Review: Two Days, One Night

Could you do it?

Sandra (Marion Cotillard) has been on medical leave for depression for some time. Right before she's due to return to her job, she's informed that her boss has given her colleagues an ultimatum about her position. They think her job can be done with one less employee. So they're either going to pay staff their bonuses, or pay her salary. They voted, and the majority opted to keep their bonus. After a decision is made to postpone the vote until Monday morning. Sandra spends her weekend visiting her co workers to see if they will vote for her to keep her job.

I couldn't even imagine myself in Sandra's shoes. I don't think I would have the lady-balls to actually come face to face with my colleagues and ask them to give up a large bonus for me. The fact that Sandra is dealing with depression and doing this is even more impressive. Her husband, Manu (Fabrizio Rongione) is her main supporter and pushes her along the way, even when she tries to give up.

Cotillard is just astonishing in this film. She's so convincing as a woman trying so hard to overcome her depression and not feeling worthy after so many let downs. There's a scene where she stands in front of her mirror and tries to convince herself not to cry, but eventually gives in, that I found so realistic and moving. It made me feel want to cry for her so she could hold it together. (Which I actually did later on, because of course I did)

A film like this risks feeling repetitive because she's required to ask the same question to about 13 different people, but the reactions of her colleagues are so different from the last that it stops the film from dragging. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A+

Memorable Quote: "You mustn't cry." - Sandra (Marion Cotillard)


  1. Definitely one of the finest films ever made and I think it's a good gateway film for anyone new to the Dardenne Brothers.

    1. I loved this so much. OMG Marion deserved that Oscar more than Julianne Moore. (Though I still think Rosamund Pike should've won)

    2. Pike was very good, but Cotillard was on another planet entirely. I mean, this was not acting...this was being, complete being of someone else.

    3. Fisti is right about that. Cotillard was on another level. She put on a fucking clinic on what acting is and what it's supposed to be. I need to get that Criterion DVD along with the other films of the Dardenne Brothers.

    4. lol a clinic of what acting is. That's perfect. Pike had a showier role, so I think that gives her a slight edge, but God Cotillard was perfectection.

  2. I agree with everything you said. but i thought the pacing could have been better, but Cotillard's performance is GREAT.

  3. Yes! This was very good. At first I thought the Academy just gave Cotillard a nom. because she's Marion Cotillard but she was really great in this.
    As far as Dardeene Brothers films go I think this is just behind L'enfant and Rosetta for me

    1. I haven't seen other films of theirs, though I know I should now.

  4. YAY! You loved it! :) Ugh, this film and Cotillard are SO good!


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