Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD and Fargo

The Walking Dead

Show runner Scott Gimple loves himself a bottle episode, and this week we are "treated" with yet another one. Tonight only followed Sasha, Abraham and Daryl. 

I should no longer be surprised that TWD shoots itself in the foot momentum wise. This week, and the week before were very slow and not nearly up to par with episodes like J.S.S or Thank you. But Always Accountable was a step up from last week's Now.

Daryl's whole "redneck with a heart of gold" schtick fits well with his characters, but it's a shame they made him so careless this week. After being shot at by a bunch of randoms, he's held hostage by three people, Dwight (he's from the comic, we'll see him again) and two women, Tina, and (assuming) Sherry, but her name was never mentioned. They tie him up, threaten him, then when Tina passes out, he bails with their bag that's holding his crossbow. They shoot at him again. When he gets far enough away, he finds out he has their insulin. So he returns it, which I get, but then he stays with them after 1) All that hostage taking business and 2) He sees the kind of people they've just pissed off. Why make Daryl so ridiculously dumb in this situation? He could've given them their meds back and bailed. Instead he turns his back on them and they take his crossbow from him AGAIN. It's frustrating. 

Abe and Sasha were also making some questionable decisions tonight. Mainly Abe blatantly hitting on Sasha and for her to reply with "You need to take care of some things" instead of "Hey asshole, you're already happily dating Rosita." What the fuck is with this show and forced romances? It's even more jarring in an episode that featured two calls back to Caryl (That's the the potential Carol and Daryl relationship by the way) One that has been slow building, but ultimately makes the most sense.


Monday's episode is the best of the season, and started off with a brutal ambush. The Gerhardts do not fuck around. Though neither does Mike, and he'll most certainly be using Simone against her own family. Can Dodd just die already though? His character is a piece of shit and Jeffrey Donovan is not a good actor. I just want it over with.

I'm also glad the Blumquists seems to be on their way to being arrested though I cheered Ed for defending himself during that fire. It's Peggy who I still can't understand. Does she have some deep dark secret that's about to come to light? There's no other way to defend her behaviors otherwise.

Agents of SHIELD

Another brilliant episode this week too. May didn't tell Bobbi about Andrew's secret, but she confronts Andrew himself right away. The whole team knows by the end of the episode.

I knew Phil and Rosalind were going to hook up, and like that final scene showed, she's going to screw him over unless Phil is already playing her.

There was more Fitzsimmons loveliness this week as well, with Fitz finding all of Jemma's recordings on her phone, as well as a key to who Will may work for. (Hint: Probably not NASA) and they seemed to confirm that they'll take their relationship to the next step this week. Although since this is Agents of SHIELD we're talking about, it will probably be short lived and I'll rage all over Twitter about it because that's what I do.


  1. This week's TWD was a step up from last week but still missed some points. I think Daryl is trying to be smarter in recruiting people but he did make some ridiculous mistakes - as you said with the medicine. It seemed to be sorta a breadcrumbs episode introducing the new villains. (Gonna have my Walking Dead recap up tomorrow)

    LOVED this week's Fargo. The music was amazing, and the tone of it with the split screens, and a lot of the characters getting mini-monologues. So good.

    1. Yes! Fargo has really been on point these last few episodes. Hopefully TWD is too this week. lol


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