Indie Gems: The Reconstruction of William Zero


William (Conal Byrne) is a workaholic geneticist who causes a terrible accident that drives him and his wife, Jules (Seimetz) apart. The film then jumps to a later time, with William's twin brother helping him with his memory loss, only things are not what they seem.

I've been waiting for this movie for awhile because the insanely talented Melissa McBride has a small role. Too small, in fact, but at least it was something else to see her in.

This is a very small film, with McBride easily being the most well known. Director Dan Bush has worked with his star Byrne before, and this seems to be his most ambitious film yet.

Byrne did a great job here. He's on screen for nearly every second of this film, and he plays all the different variations of William. He's shaky at times, but not often. The only time the film really drags are the scenes with Steimetz. It didn't help that Jules is extremely underwritten. We barely know anything about her, and Steimetz doesn't seem to understand anything Jules says. Neither do we, in fact. I never understood her.

I love finding little films like this and I hope Bush and Byrne continue to get more work. Although it's a bit predictable at times, but the story was mostly solid and it's a quick 90 minute watch.

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "Yeah...I do science." - William (Conal Byrne) 


  1. It's always great to uncover a movie like this, so thanks for passing it along.

  2. This sounds intriguing. On Netflix Instant? ... sold!


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