Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Fargo, and Agents of SHIELD.

Rambling TV is a weekly series where I ramble/rant/rave about what I watched on TV this week.

The Walking Dead

I'm torn on this episode. It was hauntingly beautiful. The score was perfect, Morgan's transformation was legitimately frightening and the acting from both Lennie James and John Carrell Lynch was top notch, but ultimately, I feel like TWD is trying to manipulate me.

You may remember episode 4 of last season, arguably its worst, Slabtown, that focused on Beth. A background character who despite the lack of acting chops was pushed to the forefront to make us "care", then died a horrible death. That's what I feel like they're doing with Morgan, only he's more interesting and Lennie James is an amazing actor. 

Morgan gets 90 minutes (A tad too long) for us to see his amazing journey, to get attached to Eastman and Tabitha the goat, only for them to die in a ridiculous fashion. Morgan adapts Eastman's philosophy. It's wrong, by the way. In the world they live in now, all life isn't precious. People like The Governor, The Claimers, The Wolves are out there raping and killing, and they don't deserve to live. Look at the wolfs Morgan let go in episode 2? They almost killed Rick.  But still - we give a damn about Morgan. I always have. He'll keep this philosophy, even though it's doomed. He'll give us hope, that he can balance it...then he'll meet Lucille.

Any comic reader knows who Lucille is. And that's what I think Morgan's fate is. It's a damn shame, because James is such a good addition to this show, but they've set him up only to have him die a brutal death. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt I am. 


So we finally got to see the Gerhardt family in all their batshit glory. Whether it be threatening a police officer (Poor Lou got guns pulled on him twice in this episode) or burying a guy alive with steaming asphalt. These people are unstable. Oh, did I mention right before burying this guy, Dodd smacks around his daughter then yells "I wanted a son and I got four damn girls." Classy.

Peggy has totally killed somebody before this, right? Betsy essentially figured out the crime already, and Peggy was so nonchalant when she and Ed were crashing their car so it cannot be traced back to them. She's done something fucked up before.   

Agents of SHIELD

This entire episode was focused on Jemma when she was away on the desert planet she was transported to. Interesting, right? A strong, capable woman like Jemma surviving on her own...oh wait no, they decided to give her a fucking astronaut boyfriend instead. I get it, I do. I figured she'd run into someone else that was stuck there, and I get why she's fuck the only dude there in a hopeless situation, but it's such a slap in the face to Fitz. She spent most of that episode talking to Fitz, looking at his picture, then seemingly dropping him. If Fitz gets shoehorned into this "Best friend who's really right for you but you don't notice" trope I'm going to be so pissed. He's a better character then that, and I would've seriously rather watched an hour of Jemma talking to herself then getting a fucking love triangle. 


  1. That asphalt scene was grim!
    Definitely with you on Peggy, can't wait for it to all come crashing down on her.
    - Allie

    1. She's going to do something so messed up soon. I can feel it.


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