Rambling TV: Thoughts on Agent Carter, The X Files + more

I finally have more than one show on that I can talk about. It's been weeks since my last confession Rambling TV. Here's what I've been watching:

Agent Carter

This started off with a bang, with Peggy kicking ass and capturing Dottie before the opening credits even roll. Then Jack, who is still an asshole with a superiority complex sends Peggy off to California to help out Sousa who has been relocated there.

Peggy and Jarvis have the best chemistry, and we finally get to meet his wife who is nothing like I expected.

Reggie Austin plays a new character and possible love interest for Peggy. He's fine as hell so hopefully he comes back as his fate was left up in the air in the final few moments. I like the tie in to Agents of SHIELD as well. This is going to be interesting.

The X Files

Because I'm a spaz, I didn't record the show after the X Files so half my recording was the NFL post game. I had to watch it on Hulu, which I would normally never do because of their excessive ads, but I'm thankful for it.

I like the story so far. I read a few reviews that said they were trying too hard with the call backs to the original series. I expected a Jurassic World type scenario where every other moment had an easter egg but that wasn't the case at all.

I do think David Duchovny was completely phoning it in. He's not unbearably bad, but it's obvious he's not exactly trying.

I also still have a weird crush on Mitch Pileggi. Some things never change.

We can all agree that "Tad" is the douchiest name in existence, right? 


So we've only had two episodes since January, Adam Driver hosted, he was great. Ronda Rousey also hosted, but was kept to the background for the most part. She actually wasn't the worst part of her episode like I think a lot were predicting her to be. That honor goes to Selena Gomez's generic singing voice.

Making a Murderer

I binged this show on New Years Eve (and finished all 10 episodes within 3 days because parenting) I cannot stop thinking about this. All I want to do is talk about it and read more, and just rage. It's like you watch this show in five phases.

Phase 1: "...wtf?"
Phase 2: RAGE
Phase 3: semi hope - nope, RAGE

You should watch it if you haven't already.

*Rambling TV is a series where I ramble about what I watched on television this week.*


  1. Arggghhh I'm reading about Making a Murderer everywhere! I feel like I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen it yet. It's Daredevil all over again!
    I don't know how we in the UK can watch SNL, but I've watched the Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base skit far too many times to be considered healthy, and I love it more and more everytime!
    - Allie

    1. I'm not sure about the UK, do you guys get Hulu over there? It's on there.

      You should check out Making a Murderer. It's so addicting.

  2. I have not watched Agent Carter but it looks like a fun show. I was an avid X files fan and now i know the Part 1 I missed because of the stupid football I have no care about-damn! David looks bored...period:) Gillian Anderson is only in her mid 40's and she already has had way too much plastic surgery done on her face. I still have to watch the show. I have heard of this documentary and all the rage that is coming My concern is that, with any documentary, it can be biased. There can be things edited out or shown in a way to make one either love the judicial system or despise it. I actually bought the People magazine with this on the front cover(I wanted to read about David Bowie). I would suggest to read that article because there is always more to the story

    1. Yes, it is a one sided documentary, but they went through most of the trail and showed rebuttals, so I didn't feel as if there was some wonky editing going on or anything. It's an interesting watch.

      I was wondering if Gillian had something done, her chin looked different to me.

  3. MMMMMM, love Agent Carter and I had a blast watching the 2 new episodes. Peggy and Jarvis are fun to watch and Jarvis' wife, wow.... I like her. I'm glad Dottie is alive because I want to see her and Peggy fight again.

    1. Same here. She and Dottie have great chemistry. I hope they throw down again.

  4. I really liked how X-Files started off so far. It seems to be aware that it's not trying to be the original and be a little more hopeful than the second movie. From what I've read in interviews, Duchovny apparently always phoned it in. :/ I also got the crush on Skinner too. He's freaking ageless.

    1. He probably could've. You and I were so young when X Files originally aired we probably didn't notice. I'll have to go back and watch some episodes. lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a crush on Skinner. It's seriously always been like that.

  5. I haven't seen any of this but I do feel the need to check out the Making a Murderer if only to stay an active participant in the world!

    1. You should. It's perfect for binging, pretty much everyone I know that watched it finished it really quickly.

  6. I'm planning on getting caught up with all of these, starting with Making a Murderer...since everything I read about it has me incredibly interested.

    But I know I'm going to be pissed...a lot.

    1. The pisstivity starts early and continues. It's a very interesting rage watching experience for sure. lol


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