2017 Blind Spot List + how I did in 2016

Another year is over and I completed my 2016 Blind Spot List! This event has been a great way for me to actually get off my ass and watch so many classics. I'll always be grateful to Ryan for starting it. Before I put up my 2017 List, here's how I did in 2016.

1) Au Revoir Les Enfants (A+)
2) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (A)
3) The Apartment (B)
4) Marnie (B)
5) Funny Face (B-)
6) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (A)
7) The Passion of Joan of Arc (C)
8) The French Connection (B)
9) JFK (C+)
10) The Miracle Worker (A-)
11) All The President's Men (A)
12) Chinatown (A-)

Au Revoir Les Enfants was easily my favorite of the bunch. The only one I disliked was The Passion of Joan of Arc, even though I didn't want to. For next year, I'm going to get a bit ambitious as I wanted to do the Three Color movies, but had so many others I wanted to throw on here. So I'm going to combine them into one month. here's my 2017 Blindspot List:

1) Sleepers
2) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
3) Videodrome
4) Paris, Texas
5) Sunset Boulevard
6) Three Colors: Red, White, Blue
7) Jackie Brown
8) Cinema Paradiso
9) Midnight Cowboy
10) Do The Right Thing
11) Boyz in the Hood
12) In The Bedroom

Alternates: The Birds, Suddenly Last Summer, All About Eve

Right now, I'm not finding a place to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, so if nothing turns up, I made a shortlist of replacements. This also might be the "youngest" of all my Blind Spot lists as I have a lot of 80's and 90's films here, which isn't usually what I'm aiming for. What do you think? Have you seen the films on my list? Am I going to hate any of them?


  1. I've seen numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11. I love them all. Of those, I think Videodrome has the most potential for you to hate it. I think it's a great film, but it is out there, and polarizing. I've also seen All About Eve. If you have to go that route, it's a great choice.

    1. I think Videodrome looks perfectly weird. I had it as an alternate last year.

  2. With the exception of In the Bedroom (which is in my never-ending DVR list) and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (never seen it), I totally recommend the rest of what you pick. As for your alternates, I've only seen The Birds which is quintessential Hitchcock.

    1. Baby Jane looks really hard to find, so The Birds may end up being a possibility.

  3. Can't stand in Boredom:) but I know I am in the minority. Love the 3 Colours and found them fascinating. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is a riot and I love...LOvE Sunset Boulevard. Without taking Way from the film you should read up on Swanson, hedda Hopper, Erich Von Stroheim and The Waxworks.

    1. Since posting this list I've actually already watched Sunset Boulevard and I agree - AMAZING!

  4. Ohhhh Missus Burnham! You are in for some FANTASTIC watching in 2017!!! Thanks for keeping the posts coming. Here's to continued passions in the new year :)

    1. Yay! I hope I love all of these, thanks again for hosting and giving us the motivation to watch these!

  5. You are one BRAVE woman putting the ENTIRE Three Colors Trilogy as one entry. They really each deserve their own slot, every one a full, deep cinematic experience.

    Baby Jane is I believe available to rent on Amazon, and is readily available on DVD for not too much money. And is TOTALLY worth it.

    1. I had trouble picking this year lol. There's so many I wanted to include.

  6. I am SO glad to hear your love for Au Revoir Les Enfants. It is absolutely stunning cinema. Love it to death. I'm also really interested in several of your films for next year. Paris, Texas was one of my BlindSpots last year. Really anxious to hear your thoughts. Also really want to see what you think of the Three Colors trilogy.

    1. My Three Colors post will be in February, I've already watched them all lol.

  7. There's a few on here I haven't seen yet and I wasn't too crazy about Sleepers but of the other ones I have seen they're all good films. I'll look forward to seeing what you think of them.

    If you have to forego Baby Jane for a while all three of your alternates are fantastic films but if you're going for essentials than All About Eve should without question be first.

  8. Good luck with your 2017 Blindspot - looks like you have some cool titles on your list. :D


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