DVD Review: Good Time

5 star idea.

Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) robs a bank with his mentally handicapped brother, Nick (Benny Safdie) in an attempt to make life better for them. Great idea, right? Of course it goes horribly wrong and now Nikas has to spend the rest of the night breaking his brother out of jail. Things get complicated in ways he never imagined.

When I first saw previews for this film I thought it looked terrible. And to a degree, it does. It looks like it was shot by the actual characters in the film. The editing is jerky, some shots that were seemingly meant to be artistic are out of focus and "Good Time" is weirdly trademarked in the title cards (that practically go on for 20 minutes) But this film did something that I never expected, and it threw a curve ball I did not see coming. 

I love when films surprise me. Maybe others saw the big wrench in the plan coming but I did not and I practically gawked at my TV when it happened. Robert Pattinson also gives an excellent performance. I think he falls victim to the same syndrome everyone else that starred in a Twilight movies does, and we forget that some of them actually have talent. Pattinson does, and I'm glad he got to show it off here. Safdie, who also directed with his brother is good too. Jennifer Jason Leigh also shows up for a minute playing a hot mess, so there's that. My favorite performance however belongs to Taliah Webster who plays a kind girl caught up in Connie's mess. 

Like I said, the film isn't the most sharply made, but I liked the story they were telling and that makes everything worth it.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "Don't be confused, it's just going to make it worse for me" - Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson)


  1. I really want to see this. I've heard a lot of good things about it and the fact that Robert Pattinson is finally making a career outside of Twilight and showing that he does have the chops to do so much more.

    1. It's a nice change for him, he's very good here. It's amazing how bad the Twilight writers made all the actors involved.

    2. I forgot he existed lol. I was referring to Kristen, Robert, and Anna Kendrick


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