Indie Gems: In The Fade


Look at this! Another Indie Gem. Because my ass is too lazy to go see something new at the theater and instead went and saw Infinity War for the third time. 

Katja's (Diane Kruger) husband and young son are killed in a bombing. When the neo-nazi's responsible are put on trial, it ends up not being as simple as she expected.

Germany's submission to last year's Academy Awards didn't disappoint. I'm still making my way through last year's foreign releases. The Insult is up next. I wasn't sure about this going in because of my feelings towards Diane Kruger but she was excellent in this role. I believed her grief and her self medicating. Another actor that really stood out was Denis Moschitto, who played Katja's lawyer Danilo. He was a lovely addition and I hope to see more of this actor.

The way this film is shot is interesting. It's told in three different acts, and each act looks different. It starts gritty, then becomes more polished when they enter the courtroom scenes. The final act almost has an ethereal look about it. The middle act was my favorite as I end to enjoy those type of films. Even though I wanted to punch the defense attorney in the face.

In The Fade clocks in at 1 hour 46 minutes but feels much shorter. The pacing is very to the point, but doesn't move too fast where we don't get the chance to examine how Katja feels.

Grade: A-

Watched on: Netflix DVD

Memorable Quote: "Fuck off" - Katja (Diane Kruger)


  1. I heard incredible things about this film as it gave Diane Kruger the Best Actress prize at Cannes last year. I always knew she was a better actress than people give her credit for so I really want to see this.

    1. She's really wonderful in this. It's definitely worth checking out.

  2. I never did get around to this, and I clearly should. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Dammit!

    I was fully in for this and then I saw 'Netflix...YAy...DVD....Boo'. To quote Mitch Hedberg, I NEED TO READ FASTER.

    Is there anything streaming on Netflix that you'd recommend, in terms of short and foreign? Cause that 1:46 runtime had me at hello.

    1. You gotta get on their DVD plan it's so much better than Redbox lol

      I browsed through Netflix quickly for foreign movies under 2 hours and ones I like are:
      Y Tu Mama Tambien, Raw, Battle Royale, Mustang. And so many others I need to watch myself lol

  4. Great review here. I loved everything about this movie. I thought it captured grief so honestly. And I love that you noted how different the three acts looked visually. I read that the cinematographer came up with a very different visual motif for each act, which I thought was really interesting.


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