Thursday Movie Picks: It's A Party!

Are you ready to party? It's that time over at Wandering Through The Shelves. What's the dumbest thing you've ever done at a party? I immediately thought of when I was sixteen and was drinking at a friend's apartment. The cops came and three friends and myself jumped off their second floor balcony into a snowbank and ran off. Then we had to awkwardly come back later because none of us had our coat or shoes. Here are three films where others have made some pretty dumb moves at parties. 

1) Alpha Dog

This movie is insanely underrated. I would honestly give Ben Foster an Oscar for it and Anton Yelchin a nomination. A group of guys "kidnap" the younger brother of another druggie that owes him money, yet no one is taking it seriously. They take him to parties, he even wanders off and gets laid, but he ends up dead in a ditch at the end of it. (Not a spoiler) It's really phenomenal. 

2) Superbad

This film is pretty nostalgic to me. It came out two years after I graduated from high school and reminded me a lot my class and how we acted.  What made this film even more special is that I saw it in theaters with a bunch of friends from schoolwhen we all happened to be in Minneapolis for a baseball game.   

3) Little Athens

A lesser known pick, but another party gone wrong. This is Alpha Dog's quiet stoner older brother. We run through all the intertwined main character's lives, mundane as they are, only for something unexpected to happen at a party where everyone ends up.


  1. Alpha Dog is underrated. And Superbad is just hilarious. I will never ever forget the "period blood!" scene. Great picks. Haven't seen your last, though.

    And I've done too many stupid things at parties to count, but not in a lot of years. Just part of being young and dumb, I guess.

    1. Agreed. I can't even drink like that anymore, that's behind me.

      Superband has so many quotable things. I still like "I'm going to give you the best blow j ever....with my mouth"

  2. Ahh I need to see Superbad again! I watched it when I was in school still and we used to quote it all the time. I can barely remember it now!

  3. I just watched Tom Hanks' Bachelor Party - naturally problematic hooker and donkey elements, but actually surprisingly progressive with a group of counter-women with their own agency and ability to party as well

    1. Please define "donkey elements." lol

      I've never seen Bachelor Party myself.

  4. Hey, we share a pick in Superbad. I do love McLovin'.

    I liked Alpha Dog, it's got some flaws but goddamn... Ben Foster was incredible in this.

    I haven't seen Little Athens but I'll check it out.

  5. Oh no another week where I haven't seen any of your picks though I've heard of the first two!

    Alpha Dog is one I think I'll get to eventually but despite Superbad's mass popularity I doubt I'll watch since Michael Cera annoys the hell out of me. The last sounds interesting I'll have to look into it.

    I stretched a little on my first, it deals with balls vs. parties, but I love it so I wanted to shine some light on it. My other two are more on point.

    The Reluctant Debutante (1958)-Sheila Broadbent, chic second wife of barrister Jimmy Broadbent (real life marrieds Rex Harrison & Kay Kendall) welcome Jimmy’s teenaged American raised daughter Jane (Sandra Dee) to London just as debutante season is beginning. Though Jane shows zero interest in participating Sheila spurred by competition with her snotty cousin Mabel Claremont (Angela Lansbury), and thinking she’s doing it for Jane’s own good, plunges all of them into the whirl of endless parties and balls each bring out a new teen into society. While Sheila hopes to pair Jane with the insufferable but wealthy David Fenner Jane has her own ideas and falls for the supposedly disreputable young drummer David Parkson (John Saxon). It’s all a fizzy roundelay with Kay Kendall stealing the show as the well-meaning Sheila. Sadly this was her second to last film, she died the next year of leukemia at 33.

    Bachelor Party (1984)-The night before his wedding to fiancée Debbie (Tawny Kitaen) Rick (Tom Hanks) reluctantly goes out for a night of debauchery with his friends, ringleader Jay (Adrian Zmed) and depressed, recently divorced Brad (Bradford Bancroft). They run into Debbie's wealthy, disapproving father (George Grizzard) and her ex-boyfriend, Cole (Robert Prescott), who both attempt to stop the wedding. Meanwhile Debbie is taken out by her friends for adventures of their own. Raunchy comedy was a big hit for the fresh from TV Hanks helping put him on the track to superstardom.

    Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)-The entire high school graduating class from football stars and cool girls to complete nerds gather at a wealthy classmate's home for a mega party. The artistic Preston (Ethan Embry) hopes to move in on Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), the girl he’s loved from afar for years. Dorky William (Charlie Korsmo) schemes to pay back meathead Mike (Peter Facinelli) for years of bullying, and would-be rapper Kenny (Seth Green) gets locked in a room with snarky Denise (Lauren Ambrose).

    1. Can't Hardly Wait is a good one! I haven't seen your other picks. I highly recommend Alpha Dog you should definitely check that out as soon as you can.

  6. See you seen the teaser poster for the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

  7. Superbad is the only I've seen and it was fun!

  8. Have always wanted to watch Alpha Dog, still haven't.


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