Review: Cold War

Love has no borders.

Spanning over several years and four countries, a composer Wiktor (Tomasz Kot) falls in love with one of his singers at a music school he works for, Zula. (Joanna Kulig) They are both perfect for, and the worst thing for each other. A constant push and pull, and Wiktor wanting them to escape communist Poland doesn't make things easier on them.

Cold War kind of came out of nowhere on Oscar morning, didn't it? While a Best Foreign Film nomination was expected landing in the Director and Cinematography categories was not and after watching the film I can see why it was given those honors. 

Music plays a ubiquitous part in Cold War. Joanna Kulig has an amazing voice and I'm glad we got to hear so much of it. I also enjoyed watching the dance numbers the students were learning. It's smart to include these upbeat moments because the plot itself is very depressing. After watching Wiktor and Zula go through so much, you know there's no way this is is going to have a happy ending.

Surprisingly, I liked the black and white. I think that was a good choice here based on the tone, and the actors were wonderful in their parts. There was one thing in the final 15 minutes or so in the film that rubbed me the wrong way, and without spoilers I'm wondering if it's because I'm too sensitive of a parent? That took me out of the film slightly, but not enough to where I can't marvel at what I just saw. This is extremely well made. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Such a man is not born yet." - Zula (Joanna Kulig)


  1. Replies
    1. I hope so too, whenever I get the chance to watch it.

    2. You'll love it as much as I do

  2. I agree, the last 15 minutes were very depressing....and I also wondered the same thing about the child. Still, I loved the movie, it was wonderfully directed and edited and acted and the music was so beautiful. As an Eastern European myself (not polish), it was so nice to see how they incorporated the culture and the music in the film.

    1. It was very beautiful, but yeah the bit with that child threw me off. It felt like an afterthought and I was just like "Wait...that kid has a mother, you know."

  3. I'm still hungry to see this but STILL it hasn't shown anywhere near me. It drives me nuts.

    1. I'm surprised my theater got it, to be honest. Usually advertise the movies they're about to get beforehand and this came out of nowhere.

  4. I do want to see this as it's now in consideration for my upcoming Cannes marathon this May. It's a shame that it's not being played at my local multiplex.

    1. I know! Hopefully it's expanding. It must be if we got it here.

  5. I loved this. The music was so beautiful but it's the cinematography that took my breath away. Easily the best of the year.


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