DVD Review: Give Me Liberty

I depend on you.

Vic (Chris Galust) is an overworked medical driver in Milwaukee, WI who tries to balance his severely understaffed position and caring for his grandfather. After a van meant to take his grand dad and several Russian friends to a funeral, Vic, already running late is guilted into taking them in his transport van along with a con man Dima (Maxim Stoyanov) and a few of his regulars, including a social worker with ALS, Tracy (Lauren 'Lolo' Spencer) unfortunately have to tag along for the ride.

Every single person in this chaotic film is in need of the liberty mentioned in the title. The first 45 minutes or so are very hectic. It's meant to be comedic, and I did laugh a few times but I found it so stressful to watch. Vic spends the majority of this film getting screamed at to do this and that. The Russians he's driving around overwhelm the film when it's clear that Vic and Tracy should be getting the focus. But the audience is meant to feel stuck like they do so we endure. When the film finally does slow down, it makes a few bizarre editing choices that threw me out of it momentarily and then introduces even more characters to the mix when again, I'd rather just be spending time with Vic and Tracy.

It's been a minute since I've been this torn on a film. I really love the idea of it more than the execution. Galus and Spencer are wonderful. Spencer in particular is a youtuber who really does have ALS. The casting in this film is very inclusive by actually featuring actors with disabilities in the roles they are playing. Stoyanov is excellent too, even though I'm still a bit confused on why he was conning his way into this family in the first place. 

I loved the quieter moments and the overall story, I just didn't care for how everything came together. I'm not going to say "the director should've done x" because what do I know about directing movies, there was just something about it that didn't work for me.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "So glad the accordian got off this bus before me." - Tracy (Lauren "Lolo" Spencer)


  1. I liked Give Me Liberty but I too found there was something missing - something that kept me from fully embracing it. I've said I would watch it again down the road but I haven't yet.

    1. That's how I feel, it's hard to put my finger on it too. I think it needed more focus on the characters and less on the general situation? Maybe?

  2. I haven't heard of this but it sounds intriguing.

    1. The premise is really good. I just wish I liked it more.


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