Review: Swallow

I feel in control.

Hunter (Haley Bennett) is a newly pregnant stay at home wife. Her husband, Richie (Austin Stowell) as his name suggests, is super rich and also very controlling along with his parents. (David Rasche and Elizabeth Marvel) As they consume her life, she begins to compulsively swallow random objects around the house in order to regain control. 

Frankly, Richie and his family are lucky that all Hunter felt compelled to do was swallow marbles and batteries and not meticulously plan their murders, chop them up into little pieces, then hide them in the walls. They are the worst. You are never for a second on anyone's side but Hunter's.

This film is hard to watch at times. It's almost body horror, watching Hunter swallow something like a thumb tack. But those moments are thankfully spaced out quite a bit, and the rest is filmed with easily the most gorgeous cinematography I've seen all year. The production design is also stunning. Everything is so neatly placed and aligned. Writer/Director  Carlo Mirabella-Davis doesn't leave a lot of this open ended. We get our answers for why Hunter starts doing this eventually.

Haley Bennett is wonderful in this role. She's so child like and innocent, yet you can see so much pain in her eyes. It's a brilliant performance.

Swallow is currently available to rent on VOD (in the U.S, at least) It's definitely worth the $6.99 rental price. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "I'd like to keep this private." - Hunter (Haley Bennett)


  1. I heard awesome things about this film as I hope to check it out soon as I do like Haley Bennett.

  2. I think Bennett is the strength here. Wasn't as thrilled with others directions it went but she was an eye-opener.

    1. She was wonderful and definitely leagues above everyone else.

  3. Oh God her husband was the worst. She should have strangled him with that tie she 'ruined'.

    1. I know. Or stabbed him with that little screw driver she swallowed.

  4. What the f--k? This sounds terrible...and AMAZING. I'm beyond fascinated, but I'm also worried (just imagining the thumbtack makes me ill).

    Maybe I need to lay on the floor and have someone rub my...eyes.

    1. Yes your eyes...which other people totally rub in circular motions for you.

      This movie is awesome though you should definitely watch it.


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