Review: Driveways

 An unlikely friendship.

Kathy (Hong Chau) has recently lost her sister and goes to another town to clean out her house. Unbeknownst to her, she became a hoarder in her life and Kathy has a ton of work cut out for her. Her young son, Cody (Lucas Jaye) comes with her and after a bad run in with some neighboring kids, forms a bond with the retiree next door, Del. (Brian Dennehy)

Think of it as Gran Torino, but without turning all the racism into comedic relief. This is a very quiet film anchored by the lead actors. There's nothing showy, though it's shot very beautifully. It also doesn't end in tragedy, which is someone unexpected in stories where a young person befriends an older one like this.

Hong Chau is a really interesting actress and I hope she continues to get a bunch of work. I really liked her character here. She's just trying to get through this, and do what's right for Cody. She's quick not to take shit from the micro-aggressions coming from her "new neighbors" and I really enjoyed her chemistry with Jaye and Dennehy. Jaye is a promising young talent in his own right and carries this movie well.

At 83 minutes, this is a very quick watch and while it may not be as exciting as other films out there, I think it's definitely worth your time.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Is my son bothering you?" - Kathy (Hong Chau) 


  1. I heard about this film and that it's been overlooked. Especially as this was one of the last films that Brian Dennehy did. Plus, it's good to hear it's not Gran Torino. That's a film that hasn't aged well.

    1. I completely forgot that Dennehy passed. Gran Torino definitely has not aged well. I'm a bit ashamed of how I used to feel about it.

  2. Nice review! I enjoyed it too. It's not bogged down by drama, and the friendship between Cody and Del is sweet but also touches on heavier ideas. I hope Hong Chau gets more work too.

    1. Exactly! Just a nice little film. I'm glad I watched it.


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