What I watched on TV in October

In a month where Halloween was essentially cancelled, at least I had my TV. Here's what I watched.

Lovecraft Country
- This show is amazing but that finale...I'm gonna need Ruby to be OKAY next season. (If there's a next season?) and I also need an explanation on why they framed Dee like a Bond villain at the end of it. Either way, this show hit it out of the park. Jig-a-Bobo and Rewind 1921 were tremendous episodes. 

The Sopranos
- I finished! I must be dumb because I did not see Tony killing Christopher coming at all. I expected Paulie and Chris to get into it and be the end of each other. I really didn't care for the focus going on AJ during the last few episodes. He was such an awful character and it felt like a nuisance. Bobby's death hit me the hardest in the final season. I don't care for the ending, but I knew it was going to end that way before I started, so at least I was prepared.

The Third Day
- This show should've been called "Poor choices: The mini-series." I'm at a weird place with this. it's simultaneously intriguing and frustrating. It's a good story, but the plot dictates that every single person must make at least 5 dumb as fuck decisions at any given time. The ending was satisfying for a few characters, but far too open ended for others. And I hate to single out a child actor but one of them was so bad in this that it was distracting. 

The Vow
- I was pretty positive about this documentary last month, but now that it's finished, I'm annoyed. At first I understood why there were so many episodes, but after watching the last two, which really hammer in the point of this hard, I realize they didn't need all of this. They could've made it more concise and now there's a season two on the horizon...why? What more can they possibly use as filler?

- This season has been so underwhelming. It will be interesting for a few minutes, then goes right back to being boring. What a waste of a tremendous cast.

Unsolved Mysteries
- I'm happy they had more of these but their supernatural stories are such a bust...right? Those are always the least interesting to me.

The Undoing
- I'm already hooked on this, even though I was essentially screaming at my TV for Nicole Kidman's character to throw her husband under the bus.

The Mandalorian - Season 2 got off to an amazing start! JJ Abrams could learn a lot from this show on how they do subtle fan service, and not forced garbage like we got in TROS. I'm happy this is a weekly thing again.

The Haunting of Bly Manor - I binged this show in a few days and overall I really liked it, but episodes 6 and 7 almost made me wish I didn't start it. I absolutely hate when scenes repeat themselves. It gives me Vantage Point flashbacks. I think they could've explained themselves far better and in a far more concise way, but it doesn't ruin the series as a whole.


  1. That last season of The Sopranos was incredible as I was sad for Bobby as I liked that character a lot. Did you know in the episode of Pine Barrens where Chris and Paulie were lost in the woods and Tony and Bobby had to find him? To make James Gandolfini laugh, the guy who played Bobby arrived and wore a giant dildo on his crotch and James just lost his shit.

    1. LOL wow. Though that reminds me, they never saw those Russian guys again. I was expecting that to come back at some point.

  2. We bought the DVD of the sopranos...I got it for my hubby and we watched all of it. AJ was irritating and I didn’t expect tony to kill Christopher but they really made me dislike that character so I wasn’t u happy when he was gone. I love U solved mysteries and watched it back in the 80s. I have seen a few episodes and actually enjoyed the spooky ones.

    1. The thing that bothered me about Christopher is i really wanted someone to confront him about Adrianna. I read that they filmed a scene with the FBI agent doing that, then cut it. I wanted his ass to be called out.

  3. Is that Jude Law cult series a drama or a thriller? Is it like Midsommar? I was going to watch it but HBO series are very hit and miss for me lately

    1. It's a drama, and it has a lot of Midsommar vibes in the first few episodes but everyone makes THE WORST decisions to serve the plot.


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