Review: Luca

A young sea monster, Luca (Jacob Tremblay) dreams of a life bigger than the one he leads under the sea. One day he goes to the surface after following Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer)and realizes they turn human when they are out of water. The meet Giuila (Emma Berman) and try to achieve their goal of owning a Vespa.

That sounds like a weird summary, but really that's what the movie is about. The Vespa part is hilarious. The less context the better. Aside from a few running gags that I appreciated, this was pretty mid tier Pixar. 

I felt like this film was more of an animation showcase than a strong story. Luca often day dreams, and we see those dreams play out, but they don't exactly add anything. They feel like a slight distraction. The plot itself isn't particularly innovative and there's plenty of bad Italian stereotypes. It's going to draw plenty of comparisons with The Little Mermaid but it's a pretty basic story about friendship that Pixar has told time and time again. 

This film streaming for free on Disney + is right where it deserves to be. This isn't something I'd rush out to see if you don't already subscribe to the service.

Recommended: Yes if you have Disney+, no if you have to pay theater money for this.

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "They're here to do murders." - Mama Paguro (Maya Rudolph)


  1. I plan to watch this eventually because I love Pixar, but there was something about the previews that just hasn't gripped me the way some of their other movies have.

  2. I think I might watch this on Disney+ now that I have 2 fireTVs. One in the room for my niece and nephew and one in the TV room. I'll check it out as it's unlikely I'll watch it in the theaters though it was nice to be back in the movie theater this past weekend with The Sparks Brothers.

    1. Nice! I like the option for at home viewing with these. I've only been back to the theater once and that was for A Quiet Place 2. Looking forward to going back again.

  3. I guess it makes sense now why it got shoved straight onto D+. I'm still looking forward to seeing it though, mediocre Pixar is still way better than most animated movies!

    1. I agree, and it's nice to watch something for "free" at home lol


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