Review: Supernova

Sam (Colin Firth) and his husband Tusker (Stanley Tucci) are traveling across England in an RV to visit friends and family. Tusker was diagnosed with early dementia and has been declining. This trip is important to them and their relationship.

This film came out late last year and made zero impact on the Oscar race despite some early predictions for the lead actors. It's easy to see why. A similar film in The Father was also out and far superior in every way. But even if The Father didn't come out in the same year, I doubt this film would've been an awards darling.

In a way it's not fair to compare them. Despite them sharing dementia in their themes, the films couldn't be more different, but I had to bring it up because now I see why I heard next to nothing about Supernova after initial screenings. It's just bad. 

Firth and Tucci have excellent chemistry and the film is very much about their relationship and how they're about to lose it to an unfair disease. We can feel the love they have for each other without the film having to show us, but the film doesn't show us anything. They simply exist and we're along for a 90 minute ride of observing them. With lesser actors, this film would've been an absolute disaster, but instead it's just boring. I sort of want to commend it for not having a big emotional crying moment because that IS something different but instead it just felt like a waste of my time.

When this was over and I had about 30 minutes of my flight left, I started watching Collective and absolutely kicked myself for not starting that first. I essentially watched the intro and it was more interesting than anything that happened here.

Recommended: No

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "No I'm not. I just look like him." - Tusker (Stanley Tucci)


  1. I heard about this film as I would see it mainly for Firth and Tucci though it's likely I'll wait for it on TV.

    I'm reading your Twitter scroll right now and... damn, I want to see that Sopranos prequel.

    What is wrong with these fucking child stars today?

    1. It's definitely not worth paying for, that's for sure.

      Same and I have no clue. People are a mess lol

  2. Thank you for sparing me from watching this. I still might give it a try, but I'm having trouble getting past Colin and Stanley's commentary to playing gay characters. I'd just rather open actors take on some of these roles instead. Nice review!

    1. I haven't heard their commentary yet. There was nothing to dig into. Not sure what they're on about. lol

  3. Damn, you had me at Firth and Tucci. But lost me at EVERYTHING ELSE.


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