Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: Non-English TV


This week's TV theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is that one I saw I'm going to do better with every year, then never do. There is so much TV to watch in English that I rarely get to anything else, and the few I do, I've talked about before. So here's me reaching again. Recommend something fun to me in the comments.

1) Yu-Gi-Oh -
I've never watched this show, but as a kid I remember thinking it was so weird that so many adults liked this, and jokes on me because now I'm an adult who likes anime too. We can all grow, folks. 

2) Pokemon -
My son is obsessed with this. He takes great pride in his cards and tells me all about them, and I know nothing, because I don't watch this either. 

3) Scenes From A Marriage -
This is kind of a cheat, because while it aired as mini series in Sweden, I've only seen the film cut, but I'm watching the remake so it reminded me of this. 


  1. I'd forgotten Scenes from a Marriage aired as a mini before its theatrical release. That cost it at the Oscars that year, a similar situation to what cost Linda Fiorentino the year she should have won for Best Actress in The Last Seduction.

    I didn't know there was a remake. I don't see the point in that, it's hard to improve on Ingmar Bergman and Liv Ullman working together. I thought very highly of the film...miniseries what have you but like most Ingmar Bergman films with the exception of Wild Strawberries once was enough.

    I haven't seen the others and am sitting the week out since I never watch any series in another language.

    1. Right? This is a tough week. The remake so far is a good update.

  2. I suck this week. I like your picks because I know Anime will be big this week. I am laughing at the Pokémon and that your son watched this all the time. This is one reason I feel bad for the parents. I like your last choice even though I have yet to see it.

    1. Pokemon isn't bad compared to some of the other things I've had to suffer through like Calliou lol

  3. I've only seen the film version of Scenes from a Marriage as the TV version is something I want to see as there's also a TV version of Fanny & Alexander that I want to see that is an expanded version of the film.

    I've seen bits of Pokemon including that infamous episode that gave kids seizures.

    1. Fanny & Alexander in smaller doses might have been better because that film was a drag.

  4. Awe, I remember Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon as big parts of my childhood, although, for some reason, I was always more partial to Digimon on TV. Loved to play pokémon on my gameboy though! Great picks :)

  5. I loved Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon when I was a child. I still have the cards somewhere.


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