What I Watched on TV in August

Another month down, another recap of my adventures on the small screen. Here's what I've been watching lately. What about you? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Ted Lasso - What more can I say about this show? I absolutely love it. Roy Kent has been my favorite so far, he's had so many great scenes. The much talked about Christmas episode was sweet, even in the middle of a blazing summer. I'm not quite sure I like where they're heading with Nathan though, if I have one critique it's that he's being a little weird.

Mr. Corman -
As a certified Joseph Gordon-Levitt stan, I was always going to watch this. It's not the most amazing show out there but I'm sticking with it for him. You can tell be put a lot of love in this. It's very *him* if you're a fan and follow him closely. Their third episode featured a really cool musical/dream sequence that has been my favorite moment so far. 

The Morning Show (Rewatch) -
My husband didn't watch this show with me when I started it last year, so I re-watched it with him. It still holds up really well and has gotten me more excited for season 2 next month. Still mad about Hannah though.

What If.. -
Marvel's animated "do whatever I want" show has been fun so far. The first episode centered on Peggy Carter, who is one of my favorite MCU characters, so that was fun. I liked the action scenes in that episode. The second featured Chadwick Boseman's finale work as T'Challa. Turns out if he became the Star Lord, the entire universe would be better for it. Ahh, what could've been. It was lovely hearing his voice again, but I couldn't help but feel sad afterwards.

Nine Perfect Strangers -
I started this limited series on Hulu and from the lukewarm reaction, I was surprised at how into this I am. Bobby Canavale, Michael Shannon, Regina Hall and Melissa McCarthy are just killing it so far. And when did Jason from The Good Place get so hot? Nicole Kidman's accent is tragic but man am I interested in seeing where this goes. 


  1. Right now, my favorite episode of What If... is the most recent on on Dr. Strange as the animation in that episode is incredible. I love Chadwick Boseman as Star-Lord as it makes me sad we will never hear that voice again.

    If I can have full access to AppleTV, I would watch Ted Lasso as I think it might be a show my dad would've enjoyed.

    1. That Doctor Strange episode was dark! I'm a little surprised they went there, but I'm glad they did. Apple TV is such a shit streaming concept but Ted Lasso is 100% worth suffering through their dumb set up.

  2. Yeah Nate's definitely taken a turn for the time being (hopefully). Though I have great faith in the writers I'm almost more scared by how likable and friendly Jamie's become :) It feels like we're potentially headed for a painful finale!

    1. I do too! I like the change in Jamie, and I hope they come to a decent conclusion with Nate.


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