What I Watched on TV in March

March was a GREAT month of TV, and April looks to be the same. Some of my favorite shows started again, an amazing one ended, and I found a few gems. Here's what I had going on last month

The Last of Us -
The final few episodes were some of the strongest of the series. Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal just nailed it from start to finish. 

The Mandalorian -
Mando's back! I know a lot of people are down on season 3 so far, but I'm loving the world building going on. Yes, Mando has taken somewhat of a backseat for partial episodes, but I found the entire concept of the "Imperial re-integration program" very interesting and I look forward to seeing where that goes. I love Bo-Katan playing a larger role as well. And Zeb made an appearance! If I see Hera, I might die.

Daisy Jones and the Six -
I never read the book this was based on, nor do I plan to, because I'm very happy with the series. It started off pretty slow, but once Daisy finally got with the Six, it never slowed down. Riley Keough is so perfectly cast in this. She better be nominated for everything.

Ted Lasso -
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Seeing Ted Lasso every week just makes my day brighter. So far the themes are a bit heavier, but there are still plenty of laughs. I just adore this show so much.

Suspicion -
Apple TV has about 1000 limited series on there to choose from and I got a few episodes into this one, about 4 brits who are accused of a kidnapping while in NYC and I've already fallen off it. I'll probably go back and finish it, but I wasn't gripped right away like I was with Severance and Ted Lasso on the platform.

Yellowjackets -
My girls are back! I binged this in about a week a few months ago with a free trial of Showtime, and lucky for me they've merged with Paramount Plus now, a service I have temporarily for my husband to watch Star Trek. There are so many questions I need answers for. As of this writing, I've only seen the premiere and I feel like this is going to be hard to sit through week to week. The anticipation might do me in.

Succession -
My other favorite trainwreck of a family is back. The premiere gave us a lot to think about. Succession's strongest episodes are rarely at the beginning of the season, so I'm looking forward to what's to come.

Who Killed Robert Wone -
This is a two episode documentary on Peacock. I didn't pay attention to the episode count when I hit play. It was just something to listen to while I worked on a puzzle, and when the second episode ended and there was just....nothing after? Very unsatisfying. 


  1. Needless to say, I have not seen any of these but would like to see Ted lasso and Succession

    1. I think you'd adore Ted Lasso! You really should give it a try. I know you can watch the pilot for free on Apple TV

  2. I'm enjoying the third season of The Mandalorian and yes... Grogu walking is adorable. I'm fucking loving Ted Lasso as it has given me a new enemy. That fucking marriage counselor. Sassy and Dr. Sharon doesn't seem to like him either. No wonder Ted was apprehensive on therapy. He's worse than Nate but not as bad as Rupert.

    I really need to see Daisy Jones and the Six as I've heard great things about it.

    1. Grogu is so cute that I'm continuously embarrassed by my reactions to him.The amount of squeal that happen in my house. Right? That Marriage counselor bit I didn't see coming. I always thought the show was pretty diplomatic about Michelle leaving and I actually really liked how they did their divorce episode, but that was brutal.


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