2024 Blind Spot Series: Daughters of the Dust

Official synopsis:
A languid, impressionistic story of three generations of Gullah women living on the South Carolina Sea Islands in 1902.

I wanted to add more films directed by women to my Blind Spot list this year, and when doing so Daughters of the Dust was an easy inclusion. It's one I've thought about for a while, and thankfully Mubi is streaming it for all to see.

Daughters of the Dust is a gorgeous film. It's poetry in motion with its stunning cinematography and costumes. The film feels like an extended dream sequence. The style reminded me a bit of Picnic at Hanging Rock in that aspect. (I preferred this film far more) Gullah culture is something I'm well versed in, so I can't speak to any smaller intricacies involved, especially with the language used. 

Admittedly, there were times my attention wavered, but a lot of that had to do with the very annoying blizzard happening outside my windows, and my kid kicking a soccer ball around the house because of said blizzard. Had I been in a quieter environment, I doubt I would've had issues regaining focus. 

I have to wonder if this film had been released today if director Julie Dash would have a bigger career. Not that her career is *nothing* but would she be talked about in prestigious circles like Ava Duvernay or Dee Rees? This is a film that should've gotten more traction in the 90's, but we all know why it didn't.  

Should you have Mubi, this is well worth the watch. 

Grade: B+


  1. This is a great film and a great reason to be subscribed to MUBI as I hope the film's of Justine Triet are still available in the coming months as I'd like to check out her work. Julie Dash should have a bigger career and be discussed more. I think it has to do with her not wanting to work with the system in Hollywood and honestly, who could blame her?

    1. I wouldn't blame her if it were her choice. I was just surprised I wasn't familiar with her after watching this. I jumped on that special Mubi was running last month where you get 4 months for $1. I'm glad I did.

  2. It does have that dreamy quality to it that is somewhat akin to Picnic at Hanging Rock. I'm the reverse of you though, I'm more inclined towards Hanging Rock which I loved to this which I liked a good deal without loving. It did hold my interest especially since I knew little about the subject of the film. I was fortunate to see the film on TCM during a special series they ran on films made by women throughout the world, back when I still had access to that (my one big regret to going from cable to Roku only).

    1. We all have those one regrets when ditching cable. Mine is baseball lol.


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