Review: The Zone of Interest

Official synopsis:
 Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel) and his wife Hedwig (Sandra Huller) strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden beside the camp.

With this, I've officially seen all 10 Best Picture nominations. This one has been quite elusive, which is why I went to see it right away, knowing it probably won't hang around my theater for long. 

Everything you've heard about this film's sound design is true. What the editors and mixers did with this was incredible. Scary, depressing, but incredible work. The technical elements of this film are the strongest, but it struggles with the story.

I give writer/director Jonathan Glazer a lot of credit because this is a very different take on a WWII movie, but I struggled to understand the point of it all when it was over. I expected the Höss' to be challenged a bit more. To maybe struggle with their decision to be so flippant about the death happening right outside their fancy garden walls, but they don't. It's all very methodical. The runtime also feels much shorter than it is, so when it flashes to present day, and I realized it was wrapping up, I felt like more story was missing. Maybe we could've heard from the children? Or had a confrontation between Hedwig and her mother? I just wanted a bit more.

Grade: B-


  1. I wanted to see this but I haven't been feeling well this month as it came and went quickly at my local multiplex. Plus, I love Jonathan Glazer.

    1. Hopefully they have a renting option on VOD soon, I see you can only buy it for now. I hope you're feeling better!

  2. I would like to see it even though it will ve tough to see. What's sad is that the parents knew and just didn't think anything bad, disgusting. I have read that the kids, I'm not sure all of them think this, but some think their dad was good and think all is good. Ughhh

    1. The kids really don't have much of a perspective in this, which I thought was seriously lacking. That could've been interesting.


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