Review: Sucker Punch

Lets step into Zack Snyder's mind..

Apparently in his deepest fantasies, mental institutions are cover ups for brothels. Scantily clad babes battle Nazi zombies, dragons, and travel to Middle Earth to battle orcs. Everyone wears fake eyelashes, and 90% of the men are rapists. (or at least attempt to be) Yep, Zack Snyder loves pulp. He's got a very unique vision, which I've always admired about him. But his first original screenplay is all over the place, despite the awesome scenery.

We meet a 20 year old girl known only as Baby Doll. (Emily Browning) Her evil stepfather has thrown her into a mental institution and has scheduled her to receive a lombotomy. Baby Doll happens to be a mesmerising dancer, and everyone stops what they are doing to watch her. As a coping skill, she escapes into a fantasy land where she must find objects to help her escape. She's joined by a group of fellow patients, Sweet Pea, (Abbie Cornish) Rocket, (Jena Malone), Blondie, (Vanessa Hudgens, who still can't act her way out of a paper bag) and Amber. (Bai Ling) Take note of Sweet Pea, as we see her fantasy land as well.

Clusterfuck would've been a great title for this movie, because that's what it really was. We quickly go back and forth between fantasy, another fantasy, and reality. The script had nothing to hold it together and felt very cluttered. The actions sequences were visually stunning. I absolutely loved those parts of the film. The music blended great and I always love the talents of Browning, Cornish and Malone. The ending was horrible, plain and simple. The overall message of the film (or at least, what I think it was trying to say) didn't really mesh with the rushed ending. Although we did get a Jon Hamm cameo, which I really can't complain about.

Sucker Punch is a different breed of film. I really dug the "now fight" point it was trying to make. See it for the visuals, and for Browning, Cornish, and Malone, but don't expect much from the scattered plot.

Recommended: Yes - for the reasons I listed above.

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "You have everything you need, now fight." - Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish)


  1. I agree Brittani. Sucker Punch wasn't everything I hoped it would be, but I liked it nonetheless. I'd give it a B grade, simply on the strength of those amazing fantasy action sequences. I'm glad to see you found merit in the film. Most everyone else I read trashes in unreservedly. There is good stuff in there.

  2. Thanks for the review, Brittani. I think I'll wait for the dvd, I'm not a Snyder fan. I almost hated 300 and Watchmen... However, the sucker punch trailer looked interesting, although the flaws that you've mentioned are predicable to happen.

  3. oh no bueno, huh? i have to say your review kinda enticed me, but it sounds like you really have to suspend logic to watch it.


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