Indie Gems: In Bruges

Fucking Bruges
After a job gone wrong, a hit man named Ray (Colin Farrell) is sent off with his partner/mentor Ken (Brenden Gleeson) to go on a little "vacation" to lie low. They are sent to Bruges, Belgium. Ray is not happy with this at all. Not only is he strung up from bad job, but now he's stuck in this town playing Tourist. They are sent there by Harry, (Ralph Fiennes) their crazy boss who fell in love with this town as a boy. His idea is to take Ray to this beautiful city only to have Ken kill him. Ken is not thrilled with this idea, but thankfully Harry is back in England. Right?

This movie perfectly blends humor, action, violence, and beautiful scenery. Being in Bruges changes both Ray and Ken. They began to appreciate life even more. There's humor throughout, but when the film needs to get serious it does it with ease. The performances are top notch. This is Farrell's best performance to date and Gleeson is right up there as well. I remember when Farrell won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy he said he was going to cut his award in half and give a hempesphere to fellow nominee Gleeson. I hope he did. Fiennes was brilliant as Harry, who went from flamboyant to vicious in seconds. Everything about this film worked, even if the ending is a bit too strong for some, I thought it was beautiful and fit perfectly.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A+

Memorable Quote: "'ve picked up a very pretty prostitute." - Ken (Brenden Gleeson)


  1. yes, this was a truly understated movie. very well done and fiercely character-driven.


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