Trailer Breakdown: Sleeping Beauty

No, not the Disney movie.

What works: The overall tone of this trailer is downright creepy. It also doesn't give a lot a way, and leaves you to guess what exactly this film may be about. I kind of like that. I've seen two different plot descriptions of this film. One of them being Emily Browning's character works as a prostitute who is required to be asleep during her jobs. The other is Browning's character tries to sleep through her jobs. I'm going with the first one.

What might not: While the trailer is ominous the end of it borderlines being corny, but hopefully that won't translate into the film. The other concern I have it that the film might be exploitative, but it's hard to tell by this teaser alone.

Random Thought: Emily Browning was Stephanie Meyer's first choice to play Bella in the Twilight movies. Thankfully she turned it down.

When to see it: Australian independent movie debuting at Cannes. Unless it's instant Oscar bait my guess is it's going to take forever and a day to get to my region. Which is unfortunate.


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