Trailer Breakdown: X-Men First Class

What works: James McAvoy. He turns everything into gold. He's a very underrated actor (Where the hell is his Oscar nom for The Last King of Scotland?) and even though he's taking over such an iconic part, he'll still bring out the best in it.

X-Men are awesome. I've always enjoyed the X:Men comics, I loved the first two movies, even though my initial reaction to this movie was to boycott it, I'll still go and see it because I've been a fan for so long.

What might not: Only Bryan Singer does X-Men justice. Sure he wasn't true to the comic, but he created a damn good story and made it worthy. Brett Ratner ruined X-Men 3. The Wolverine movie had some of the worse CGI I have ever seen, anyone else touching X-Men makes me a tad nervous.

The rest of the cast. I'm not knocking them, but they don't seem as intriguing as our previous X-Men cast. I can't accept Jennifer Lawrence as a young Mystique, I'm sorry. I just can't do it.

Random Thought: I really hated where they went with Rogue in X3. Hated it.

When to see it: I'll catch a matinee or go to it on a Tuesday since that's my theater's official "cheap movie night."


  1. Just saw it. OMG. Seriously, best X-men movie by far, its not even close. I would agree with all your pre-analysis, but after seeing it it all just works.


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