DVD Review: Shame

The first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting you have one.

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is addicted to sex. His private life has accommodated his addiction well until his sister, Sissy (Carey Mulligan) and yes, that is her name shows up unannounced.

I know, it's a little late to still be bitching about the Oscars, but the fact that Fassbender didn't get a nomination for this is beyond criminal. He plays Brendon to perfection. He knows he has an addiction, even just looking at an innocent married girl on the subway turns him on. His computer is filled with pornography, he frequently has prostitutes over, and when he feels like he needs to stop, and throws all of it away. He relapses and falls back in, like many addicts do. It's obvious that Brandon and Sissy had some sort of dysfunctional relationship prior, and that's one part of the film I wish they would've spent more time on. Giving us a flashback or a quick explanation. Sissy and Brandon do not act like your every day siblings

At the end of the day, the NC17 rating hurt this film. But really, how could they have gotten around it? This is a film where sex is the focus, front and center. The actors do not hold back, nor should they have to. This film needed to be raw and real.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "We're family, we're supposed to take care of each other" - Sissy (Carey Mulligan)


  1. Fassbender, as well as Mulligan, not getting nominated is just one of many reasons why I'm slowly beginning to hate AMPAS. (They never nominate the right performances. Ugh.)

    Anyway, I'm glad you liked it.

  2. I agree about Fassbender being snubbed at Oscar being outrageous. It's such a powerful, amazing performance.


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