Review: The Avengers

They'll come because we'll need them.

Man, the bar for The Dark Knight Rises just got even higher. Sure they're different films, but while I prefer Marvel over DC, I've always preferred Batman over everyone else. Needless to say I LOVED The Avengers. It had a lot riding on it, and here are the things they got right.

1) The Hulk. Mark Ruffalo is the 3rd actor to portray The Hulk on the big screen. We had Eric Bana, who's version of The Hulk bombed. And Edward Norton, who is apparently too hard to work with to reprise his role. I thought Ruffalo was the best, and a reason for that was because the movie wasn't completely centered around The Hulk. Face it, Hulk smashes, that's what he's good for. We really don't need to delve into his psyche more than the fact that he's smart, angry, and breaks things.

2) Thor and Loki shined. I thought last year's Thor was pretty "meh." I actually really dug both Thor and Loki in this, they provided a lot of great comedy and still were completely bad ass.

3) Equal parts for all Avengers. You could say Iron Man was the star, but in a way he should be. He's got the most Charisma. They gave appropriate time to each hero. (Although I would've LOVED a scene with Captain America and an older Peggy.) I like that they made Hawkeye a "villian" so to speak at the beginning. He's the only Avenger we haven't seen before, and since they didn't have the time to give him a back story, the audience still felt for him because he was captured and brainwashed early on. Black Widow was pretty annoying and cheesy in Iron Man 2, I like that she didn't come off as just a sexy object here. Her fight scenes we better, and not cringe worthy like the one with Happy in Iron Man 2.

4) Stellan Skarsgard. I love Stellan Skarsgard, it would've been sweet if Rhodes would've shown up as War Machine though.

5) Director Joss Whedon. This movie was great on so many levels, and nearly all can be attributed to Whedon. You could say he's one of the ultimate "geek" directors. Sure he didn't have full control over the script (he was told the villain had to be Loki and how it had to end) but he still made everything in between his own. I loved all the goofy references throughout.

6) The Action. That's some impressive CGI that this movie used. Michael Bay is probably jealous.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A+

Memorable Quote Exchange: "He's my brother." - Thor. "He killed 80 people in the last two days." - Natasha. "...He's adopted." - Thor.

And can we talk about the scene after the credits? **SPOILER******


That should be enough warnings:
Who did you think the villain at the end was? The scene was pretty "blink and you'll miss it." I wondered if it was Apocalypse? If so, they could get the X-Men involved. (Bryan Singer's version, not the First Class ones, please) *EDIT* I know it's Thanos, but Apocalypse was still my first guess. Thanos did manage to piss of Silver Surfer if I remember right. That would be cool to see SS be done right.


  1. The scene in the mid-credits shows Thanos, one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. He is the maker of the Infinity Gauntlet (Which we saw in Odins weapons vault on Asgard). This could be the most epic Superhero movie of all time and I give it a MUST SEE as well. Did you stay until the end of the credits for the second secret scene?

  2. Thanos is who my husband thought it was. I honestly couldn't tell, but that would be a great movie to watch as well. I did stay for the 2nd credit scene, that was hilarious. I love how no one said anything.

  3. Not heard of this movie.


    Can't believe I haven't seen it yet. Great review; will be watching this week hopefully!

  4. omg why didn't i know there was an after credit scene? *cries*. the cgi was awesome! also, i think, once again, loki stole the show here (hiddleston just rules), but everyone held their own. i actually though ruffalo was the least interesting, but i loved when he turned into the hulk. his eric banner gave me nothing.


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