Indie Gems: Rachel Getting Married

Every family has their issues.

Kym (Anne Hathaway) has been given a weekend off of rehab to attend her sister Rachel's (Rosemary DeWitt) wedding. Kym's addictions have caused a lot of havoc in this family so it isn't the traditional wedding weekend as one would expect. Both Kym and Rachel will have to deal with their issues and try to come together for this happy day.

Anne Hathaway gives her best performance by far in this film. She plays a recovering addict well, looking disheveled and sad most of the time. Her outbursts against her sister, her sister's maid of honor and other members of her family seem rude and unfair, yet we sympathize with Rachel for all that she's been through despite her flaws. The only flaw I see is that Anne Hathaway shines so bright, her co stars fail to match her at times.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "May you live to be 100, and me? 100 minus a day. So I don't have to know that good people like you have passed away." - Rehearsal Dinner Guest


  1. I really liked Hathaway's work in this one, I agree she is so good everyone else in the film kinda fades away.

  2. This is still my favorite Anne Hathaway performance so far. That's when I realized she does have what it takes and more. In fact, I've already decided to write a project for her in the lead while the current script project I'm writing has a role for her as part of an ensemble.

  3. fantastic film, dont usually like anne hathaway, but i thought she was brill in this

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  4. It's too bad that I never rewatched it (and I own the DVD). Great film.


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