Bad Ass Movie Archers

With Pixar's Brave hitting theaters last week, it got me thinking about how archery has been in quite a few movies lately. So I decided to throw together of list of the best archers in recent memory in honor of Princess Merida, who is "shooting for her own hand." 

1) Legolas of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Legolas is so bad ass that the guy NEVER RUNS OUT OF ARROWS! Legolas is quick, agile, and he not only shoots his arrows, he stabs people with them too. Very resilient.

Hawkeye of The Avengers: (and briefly Thor) Master assassin Hawkeye doesn't just shoot regular arrows, his are rigged with explosive devices. And he sees better from far away.

Kevin of We Need To Talk About Kevin: This little sociopath put together an elaborate plan to get a group of his fellow students and a teacher locked into their school gymnasium where he picked them off one by one with a cross bow from a balcony of sorts. Crazy? Yes. Clever? Very.

Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games: We certainly can't forget our District 12 Tribute who is quite handy with a bow. She not only provides for her family with her trusty bow and arrows, she survives the Hunger Games with them.

Robin Hood throughout the years: There's been many adaptations of Robin Hood, I'm going to go with my personal favorite, Robin Hood: Men in Tights because he shoots with six arrows at a time and he can speak in an English accent.

Chewbacca of the Star Wars films: Do you remember that besides being a completely bad ass Wookie, that Chewy's weapon of choice was a cross bow?

Guinevere of King Arthur: Ok, so King Arthur was actually pretty boring, but the one bright spot was Keira Knightley, who proved that you can be hot as hell and still bad ass with a bow and arrow. She held her own against an army of men.


  1. Wow, archery is more popular than I thought it was! Might have to give it a go myself. Nice list!

  2. Cary Elwes is the best Robin Hood. "I can speak with an English accent" - take that, Kevin Costner!
    Super list!

  3. This year made me think of archers in movies too! My absolute favorite is Legolas, without a doubt. But I also like all other choices.

  4. great roundup! this is definitely a growing trend in films.

  5. What a fantastic idea for a list. I agree w/ all of these. I always like archery in movies, that's why I'm looking forward to this new show ARROW on CW (though generally I don't watch anything from this network). I posted the trailer on my blog a while ago:

    Btw, did you know that Geena Davis was trying out for the US Olympic archery team back in 2000? She's apparently also a member of Mensa, so her IQ must've been 149 or higher.

  6. Wow! This is it. I'm surprised that you put Kevin there...
    Though he's a little too cruel to be in this list, my opinion
    Nice list, tho!

    1. I had to put Kevin in there. He's definitely cruel, but hey..he had good aim.


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