Review: Prometheus

They engineered us.

A team of scientists/explorers/people just looking to get some good money go out to a far away planet looking to study alien life forms that they think may inhibit said planet. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) believes they created mankind. Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) doubts Elizabeth's ideas. Android David (Michael Fassbender) secretly delves deeper into the alien's background than any of the other scientists are aware. They soon realize that they shouldn't be there, and that what they have discovered could not only destroy them, but could destroy planet Earth as well.

Prometheus was billed as a prequel to the Alien franchise, but really only gives us a few similarities. It was a stand alone feature in my opinion. One thing I preferred about Prometheus was the pacing was much quicker than the original Alien, although Aliens is still my favorite of the series. Noomi Rapace deserves a lot of credit here, because I daresay she carried this movie better then Sigourney Weaver did the original. She was given a lot of tough material and she owned all of it. Same goes for Michael Fassbender who continues to show his range. For someone that is supposed to be void of emotion, David comes off as a huge dick most of the time. It works well. There was one thing about Prometheus that seriously bothered me: The 3D. Yes, there was an option to see it in 2D here, but time constraints (oh the life of a parent) gave me no choice but to see the 3D version. I found it to be too dark, too blurry, and extremely distracting. Not only was it unnecessary (like 95% of 3D films are) it cheapened the look of it. The camera would focus on a scene, but there would be a random 3D rock in the corner blocking part of it. I'm not at Universal Studios on the Prometheus theme park ride, get the 3D shit off of my screen.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "It's what I choose to believe." - Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)


  1. I agree about David coming off as a dick at times, he was really mean bastard. Fassbender really created wonderful performance here.

  2. I'm on the fence about whether to see this movie -- thanks for the review. I can't get into 3D either. I find that gimmick very distracting, and I feel a bit sick and drunk afterwards. :)


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