DVD Review: Cracks

This film makes boarding school look like a terrible idea.
I'm sure it isn't, but that's kind of how I felt after sitting through this disappointment. Miss G (Eva Green) is the worst teacher ever and swim coach at an all girl's boarding school in the early 40's. She has her favorite pupil, Di (Juno Temple) but when a new student comes to the school, Fiamma (Maria Valverde) Miss G's attention focuses on her, and it turns to obsession.

The thing that really frustrated me here is Eva Green and Juno Temple are great actresses, but their performances felt so forced at the beginning. The movie drags a long and then finally starts getting interesting towards the end. But that's just it, it ends. It felt so wasted. Miss G. blurred the lines between pupil and teacher by being at this institution her whole life, but the film spends so much time doing nothing before it really delves into Miss G's psyche.

Recommended: No

Grade: D

Memorable Quote: "It appears the bar has been raised. " - Miss G. (Eva Green)


  1. Oooh, sorry to read that. This is the only movie with Eva Green I haven't seen so I'll definetly try to track it down, if only to see all of her films.


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