The 10 Most Iconic Movie Characters (Relay)

The always wonderful Josh over at The Cinematic Spectacle was kind enough to pass me this baton. This relay originates from the also wonderful Nostra from My FilmViews

The Rules:
"A list of 10 iconic movie characters has been made. That list will be assigned to another blogger who can then change it by removing one character (describing why they think it should not be on the list) and replace it with another one (also with motivation) and hand over the baton to another blogger. Once assigned that blogger will have to put his/her post up within a week. If this is not the case the blogger who assigned it has to reassign it to another blogger. After you have posted your update leave the link in the comments here and I will make sure it gets added to the overview post."

This was harder than I thought it would be. I thought about characters like Harry Potter or Gollum, but they were iconic from books before they were on film. I toyed with the idea of reinstating Samuel L. Jackson's Jules. I'd love to throw another horror icon in there, but Josh just did that. So I settled with something currently missing from the list: Animation.

Who Stays

Rocky Balboa

James Bond


Indiana Jones

Mary Poppins

Ellen Ripley

Darth Vader

Dorothy Gale

Michael Myers

Who I'm removing:

The Tramp

When I look at all of the people on this list, I think of their character first, not the actor. Accept for The Tramp. I just see Charlie Chaplin, so for that reason I have to chop you.

Who I'm Adding:

Buzz Lightyear

My first thought was to list Roger Rabbit, as that is an animated character that is identifiable even by people who haven't actually seen the film. Then I thought about Buzz. Buzz falls into that category too, and not only that, he's iconic to many generations. The Toy Story movies spanned long enough to where they each captured a different generation (and their parents) Buzz Lightyear will probably still be marketable for a long time. I feel like he's always going to be a character we remember. Then there's the added fact that the internet has meme'd him.

I'm passing the baton on to someone I know will add someone intriguing, Candice over at Reel Talk!

Here is everyone that has participated so far:

Nostra from My FilmViews
Ruth from Flixchatter
Andrew from A Fistful of Films
Sati from Cinematic Corner
Alex from And So It Begins
Brittani from Rambling Film


  1. Great choice! You are right about looking at the Tramp and thinking of Chaplin first. Buzz is such a great character and I think at least one animated one should be on the list.

    1. I've seen the Buzz meme being thrown around so many places recently, he had to go on the list!

  2. Thanks, Brittani! Here's my response (apologies in advance :)):

  3. Suck on that, you dirty, dirty Tramp.

    Good call on bouncing him, as I'm with Sati in regards to thinking Chaplin first.

    As for Buzz, I'm totally on board with some animation being represented...but Buzz? Nuts! I probably would've opted for Woody out of the pair...or maybe even... Shrek!?


    1. I like Woody better than Buzz, but I feel like Buzz is just the more famous of the two. Also, fuck Shrek. lol

  4. Good choice Brittani! I love Buzz Lightyear. At first I thought that I wouldn't have removed Charlie Chaplin's character, b/c there's no longer a classic hollywood character on the list, but I think you're right. Chaplin is who we recognize, not the character he's playing.

  5. FUCKING NO!!!!!!!

    But hell yes to Buzz! I did a Top Ten Pixar Characters a while back, and Buzz was my choice for #1. He's far from my favorite, but he is the most iconic, the most complete and has the largest arc, and is the one character from any of the films that continues to grow. I mean, he's been the hero, the loser, the drunk, the villain, English, Spanish, a lover, a fighter, the bestie...everything.

    Good call, even if you really should have bumped stupid Rocky.

  6. Wow, such a bold pick, but I dig it. I do adore The Tramp, but you offered solid reasoning for your swap, so no argument from me. Sorry Buzz didn't get to stick around longer!

  7. Why isn't it letting me reply on my own blog? Weird -

    @Mariah - Thank you!

    @Andrew - Yes! That's a good reason why I went with Buzz. He even has his own meme, damn it!

    @Alex - Thanks, I tried to think outside of the box. ha

  8. Thanks for the kind words! :)

    I love this pick so much, even if I would've kept The Tramp in. Buzz Lightyear could be around for a long time, indeed. Nice choice!


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