Relay: The Ten Biggest Stars of Classical Hollywood

John of Hitchcock's World has another relay started. This time he's asking for the 10 biggest stars of Classic Hollywood. Everyone that reads my blog knows that I suck at seeing classic movies, but I instantly had someone come to mind when Alex passed this to me.

Who Stays:

Ingrid Bergman

Humphrey Bogart

James Cagney

Henry Fonda

Cary Grant

Katherine Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe

James Stewart

Audrey Hepburn

Who leaves:
Rod Steiger

Since this is the "biggest stars" relay, I felt like I had to remove the one I knew the least about, and unfortunately that's Steiger. Plus I couldn't find a single gif of him alone so where are you on that, internet? I'll accept 10 lashes and go watch a Steiger movie now.

Who I'm adding:
Shirley Temple

I may not know a lot about classic films, but I've seen nearly every  one of her films, and I absolutely adore her. I wanted to be her when I was a kid. I started tap dancing because I watched Shirley Temple movies. I fucking LOVE Shirley Temple, you guys.

Who's Next?
I see it fitting that I pass the baton to my original go to blog for Classic films: Anna at Defiant Success!

Contributors Thus Far:

Wendell from Dell on Movies 

Andrew from A Fistful of Films 

Alex from And So it Begins…

Brittani from Rambling Film


  1. Hard to argue the choice. Shirley Temple is still the quintessential child star. BTW, that is a great gif of Henry Fonda.

    1. Thanks! So did I, That movie is my next Blind Spot.

    2. I've saw it for a Philosophy Class (we were learning about logical fallacies at the time). You'll be in for a real treat.

  2. While I think that Temple is the definition of a star, and so I can't argue adding her...Steiger is one of the greatest actors to have ever graced the screen...and so the gif you chose is pretty accurate as to my feelings right now.

    But I still love you.

    But no.

    Like...this is just wrong.

    1. I'm sorry, love! I threw On the Waterfront, Pawn Broker, and In The Heat of the Night in my Netflix queue.

    2. You're in for a real treat!

  3. I really only know Shirley Temple by name, but I can see why she'd be a good choice. I don't have anything against Rod Steiger but I'm not really sure I would have considered him a "big" name during the classical period.

    1. Love me some Shirley. I can't think of a more "famous" child star.

  4. Good pick, Brittani. Had this come my way, I'd have had no fucking clue what to do. Does Stiffler count? That dude is classic, bra.

    1. I hope someone passes this to you so you can do something like that. lol

  5. Brittani-- I wholeheartedly agree w/ your decision to remove Steiger. I really liked him in 'The Heat of the Night,' but I think Shirley Temple is a much better choice if we are limited to 10.

  6. Love the GIFs! Can't argue with Shirley Temple either. She's someone that *everyone* knows, definitely a classic star.

  7. Oh, Temple is a wonderful addition! That's a fair point about Steiger, but I agree with Drew. Can't wait for you to check out his work!

    1. I felt bad about removing him. If I end up loving his work I'll feel worse. lol


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