FTS Presents: Quentin Augustino

The lovely bloggers over at French Toast Sunday are spotlighting director Quentin Tarantino this month! He's easily one of my favorite directors. I've decided to rank the films of his I've seen. (Jackie Brown and My Best Friend's Birthday are the only two films of his I've missed.) This was A LOT harder than I thought it would be, especially with my top three. I'm sure someone could ask me to do this again in a few months, and I'd rank them differently. I'm almost positive I've talked about this on my blog before and had picked a different favorite. It's hard when you love a director this much!

Honorable Mention: Sin City

He was only a "guest director" in this film, so I didn't put it on my list, but I love this movie and I thought the scene he DID direct (Dwight and Jackie Boy's head in the car) was brilliant.

7) Kill Bill vol 2

I went back and forth between this and Death Proof as my least favorite. I ultimately stuck with this because it was the least memorable for me. Kill Bill vol 1 was amazing, and this one just didn't feel up to par.

6) Death Proof

I always preferred Planet Terror of the two Grindhouse films. This film just felt a little too long. Normally, I love Tarantino's  scenes of characters talking, but I didn't really feel like any of the people in this film were talking about anything interesting.

5) Reservoir Dogs

One of his first features and definitely one of his most brutal. I love this little indie, and I think it's a great starting place for all his work.

4) Django Unchained

His most recent feature was risky, but it all paid off due to the great performances and the funniest shoot out in cinema history.

3) Pulp Fiction

This is one of those films that's almost universally highly recommended. It lives up to all those expectations. It also ages gracefully and it's one I can always go back to and find something new to like about it.

2) Kill Bill vol 1

Visually, I think this one is my favorite. I love a strong female lead and Kill Bill was an awesome cinema experience for me. The fight scenes in this film were brilliant, and that last scene with the falling snow: stunning.

1) Inglorious Basterds 

Even though Kill Bill is a close 2nd, I think Inglorious Basterds is my favorite Tarantino film. (today anyways) I just found it so rich and interesting. It introduced me to Christoph Waltz, showed me that Brad Pitt could put on one of my favorite movie accents in history, mixed two languages I love listening to (German and French) and gave me Shoshanna. The opening scene really sets the tone for how haunting this film is, it's a masterpiece, plain and simple. 

Thanks for hosting, French Toast Sunday!


  1. Awesome list of movies you got there. I too liked that Inglorious Bastards was pretty much a foreign language flick and that opening scene was haunting and classic. Kill Bill for me is just one flick not 2 parts so I love the whole bloody thing. You really should watch Jackie Brown, It's next to Inglorious Bastards and Pulp Fiction as being one of his best

    1. That's what everyone says, I know I definitely need to get around to it.

  2. That Inglorious Bastards gif made me giggle! Great list, but you definitely owe it to yourself to see Jackie Brown. Surprisingly, it would probably be in my top five if I were to make a list :)

    1. I've only heard good things about it. I love my Hans Landa Happy Dance gif too. :)

  3. Oh you've gotta see Jackie Brown! I love Pulp Fiction to death and it's definitely my favorite movie of his but Jackie Brown is just so fantastic some days I almost feel like this may be my actual #1 Tarantino. Death Proof was so lame. I usually watch his films a lot of times but I have no desire to ever rewatch it.

    Didn't he also do one of the segments in Four Rooms? This movie is hilarious.

    1. I think he did, but I haven't seen Four Rooms either. I'm going to throw Jackie Brown in my Netflix queue.

    2. Oh you should check out Four Rooms too, it's so funny!

  4. I'll definitely agree with you on volume 2, it doesn't even compare to volume 1.

  5. Ooh, you must see Jackie Brown, which is my favorite Tarantino film. Great list.


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