Rambling TV: True Blood series finale recap.

True to the end? Well..not so much. I'm glad this show is finally over, and this finale, despite offering a happy ending was cheesy and disappointing. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers.

So Eric and Pam decide now, only now, do they want to kill the Yakuza, they set Sarah free (but not before feeding her some of Pam's blood so she can always locate her) and then they kill them all in about 2 minutes. Eric even flew to Sookie's to off the ones on his way to her house before she even knew they were there. Later, Sarah asks Pam to turn her into a Vampire, which Pam laughs at, and drinks her for immunity.

So that showdown we thought we were going to get at her house? Nonexistent. We just got Bill telling Sookie that he loves her, he knows she wants a family and kids and he cannot give that to her. He wants her to use her fairy light to kill him and rid herself of being Fae. Because Bill Compton is SO FUCKING IMPORTANT that Sookie CANNOT function properly without him around. She can't be fae either, because vampires love that. Bill's superiority complex is annoying.

Back at Bills, Jessica and Hoyt show up, and Bill tells Jessica about how he never got to give her daughter away at her wedding, and he wants Jess and Hoyt to marry so he can give her away. They have a shotgun wedding officiated by Andy, with Sookie and Jason as maid of honor and best man. During the ceremony, Sookie actually hears Bill's thoughts. I briefly panicked because I read a theory where instead of Sookie's fae blood killing Bill with Hep V, it turns him back into a human (ala Beauty and the Beast or some shit) and for a second I thought they were actually going to go there. Bill's thinking about how much he loves Sookie and how he wants this for her. This felt forced. Bill hasn't loved Sookie for the past 2-3 seasons, yet now he's all head over heels for her again? 

Sookie confides in Jason about hearing Bill's thoughts, and gives Jason her blessing with Brigitte, who sucked up more valuable screen time this week while Lafayette got NO lines. None. Then she decides she'll kill Bill.

She meets him at the cemetery, but at the very last second, she says being Fae is a part of her, and she doesn't want to give that part up. She asks if he still wants to die, and he says yes. She tells him she loves him, then stakes him. That was the best part of the episode there. Bill is dead, but that actually ended up  not mattering to me because...

We get multiple flash forwards. The first is a year later, Eric and Pam are filming an infomercial about New Blood. 

Then we jump 3 years after that. Eric and Pam are millionaires because of New Blood, and are running Fangtasia again. Sarah is chained up in the basement and Pam is selling her for $100,000 per for 1 minutes to have vamps drink from her. She's also cursed with seeing Steve over and over. Compared to the overall happy tone of this episode, seeing Sarah like that felt kind of cruel, even if her character was bad. Eric sits at his thrown looking miserable. 

Then we go to Sookie's, it's Thanksgiving. She's pregnant, but we never see the man she married's face. Jason is with Brigitte, and they have 3 kids. Sam and Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About are there, and they have 2 kids. All the other couples are still together as well. Lafayette and James, Jess and Hoyt, The Reverend and Lettie Mae, Holly and Andy, Adilyn and Wade, Arlene and Keith. Willa's there. They're all happy. Show ends.

I knew the show wasn't going to give me Eric and Sookie, and I know I shouldn't base my contentment with the finale over one relationship, but I can't help it. It sucks they didn't end up together. It sucks that Eric and Sookie apparently never spoke again after he dropped her off in the last episode. I was really hoping True Blood would give the readers of the Sookie Stackhouse novels the ending they really wanted, but got faked out on at the last minute. I also never thought I'd say this, but if Sookie wasn't going to end up with a vampire, what was the point of killing Alcide? Because she needed to fawn over Bill again? 

There was not enough Eric, Pam, and Lafayette in this finale. I can't even be happy that most of the characters I've grown to care about had a happy ending, because True Blood has been that big of a letdown. The best part of the finale (aside from Bill dying) is that I don't have to waste my time with this show any longer. 


  1. What a waste of a fucking show. I'm glad it's over. It was fun for a while but it got extremely stupid. What a load of bullshit.

    Right now, I'm doing my Blind Spot assignment in Satantango by Bela Tarr which is a 7-hour film that is extremely slow with a lot of long shots. I'm not going to make the deadline as it's been tough to watch. Yet, at least the 2.5 hours of what I've seen of the film so far is way better than these last seasons of True Blood. This and the way Californication ended were just fucking wastes. FUCK THIS SHIT INDEED!

    1. Yes, yes, let the hate flow through you! Lol. I'm glad I'm not alone here. I've never been so disappointed in a finale. Even Rescue Me managed to have a satisfying ending after a few bad seasons.

  2. The best part of the episode was Eric kinda dancing in the car. I actually laughed at that one. And I agree, it just needed to end after she staked Bill. The time jump was too much information. A little ambiguity would have made a nicer ending. Oh well.

    1. I just hate we got no closure with Eric and Sookie. I was hoping they would've remained friends at least.

  3. This sounds so dumb. Really Alcide was boring, but they might as well have Sookie hook up with him. Or Sam! I'm glad Bill is dead but it's several years too late :) Also they really, really lost track with the show - the entire point of these books/series was always the mystery of who will sookie end up with and they don't show the guy?!

    Let's hope GoT never plummets to these levels of awful. I remember the times when HBO was guaranteed to make quality shows that would, even if quality dropped a bit, continue to be high quality entertainment. Now, often, it's barely even an entertainment.

    1. God, I hope GoT never sinks to True Blood levels. It's ridiculous. TB was always so gory and over the top and that really worked for them. This tame finale was such a let down.

  4. I was so disappointed with how they ended this, although I don't see what else they could have done after how this season panned out.
    I agree that they really f*cked up by not addressing Eric and Sookie, for so long they seemed inevitable, it's a shame that they never followed through with that.

    The final flash forward was a nice enough scene, but felt like such a cheap attempt at tying everything up with a nice, neat bow. I was pissed that Lafayette didn't even get a single line of dialogue.

    1. Oh I know. The showrunner said he made this ending for the fans. What fans? I'm pretty sure the 3 main fan favorites (Eric, Pam, Lafayette) didn't do anything.

    2. Oh wow, I hadn't heard that statement. If he truly believes that I don't think he's paid much attention to the fans for a long time. Those three pulled the shortest straws in this finale, it's said as they deserved so much more.

    3. Exactly, as cute as Jessica and Hoyt are, I don't think fans were rooting for them to get back together. That thought never even occurred to me. I thought their storyw was done.


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