Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Newsroom and Agents of SHIELD.

The Newsroom

I've always loved The Newsroom. I find is fascinating and interesting and hard to take my eyes away from it, yet I was shocked last night at how emotional I got over it. 

This was a solid hour of TV. Will has been in jail for 52 days since we've last seen him. He's having a conversation with a cell mate that turns out to be a hallucination of his father at the end. Infuriatingly, he also refuses to give up the name of his source again, even though Lily Hart, THE source, shot and killed herself on the steps of the Justice Building. 

Don goes to interview a rape victim, Mary (played by VEEP's wonderful Sarah Sutherland, who honestly deserves a guest star Emmy after this) at Princeton who isn't getting a trial, so she started a website where people can name the ones that assaulted them. Pruitt wants both Mary and her attacker to be in the studio, moderated by Elliot. Mary will actually do it, but Don doesn't want her to. He knows she won't get her trial and will end up getting slut shamed because of it. He wants to protect her. This particular story was SO good and it pisses me off even more that Aaron Sorkin chose a fucking six episode finale because now we won't get to see where this goes. 

Jim and Maggie are on a flight trying to catch a glimpse of Edward Snowden. Besides the fact that none of the things they did in the airport would actually happen in real life if you know ANYTHING about air travel, they finally confessed their feelings and kissed. FINALLY (but again, this is episode 5, so no follow up)

Sloan gets into an argument with Neal's replacement over an ap that tracks celebrities in real time, so paparazzi and how Sloan puts it, sociopaths are waiting for them when they leave. Sloan decides to interview this guy live on air, and gives him the verbal smackdown...thus leading us to our penultimate scene. 

Charlie, who for the entire episode felt like he was giving into all of Pruitt's demands finally snaps out of it when Pruitt storms the Newsrooms and demands Mac and Sloan get fired. He sticks up for them, says he'll talk to Pruitt upstairs, then as he's walking away, has a heart attack.

Will is released from prison later on that night, Mac greets him and tells him Charlie died a few hours ago. *cue ugly cry face*

Charlie was an awesome character, and it was SO sad to see him go like that. I really hope someone punches Pruitt in the balls next week.

Agents of SHIELD

DID MACK JUST DIE!?!??! - I don't think so, but they made it seem like he might. That would really suck.

Fitz and Simmons finally talked to each other (after Simmons had a nice girl talk with Bobbie early on about her feelings for Fitz) but he drops the bombshell that he will let her lead the lab and go to work in the garage with Mack. He can work with her, but not for her. Of course Simmons didn't get a word in because Agents of SHIELD hates me. 

Patton Oswalt and his weird ass character(s) are back!

Ward and Skye meet up again, and he's taking her to see her father. I guess we'll be learning her real name next week. Skye is at her worst when she's with Ward, hopefully all this time away has made them less boring together.

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  1. Charlie was undoubtedly one of the best characters on the show, and Sam Waterston has been deserving of an Emmy nom, each of the last three years. It was quite emotional to see him go, but I thought the moment was a bit too fast. I didn't really have time to feel for him.

    I'm likely to be depressed, after next week's finale!

    1. I didn't think he'd actually die for some reason, I guess I was being naive. I'm going to be so bummed after the finale, 6 episodes was such a bad idea.


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