Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead and The Newsroom

The Walking Dead has really been on a roll with underwhelming mid season finales since season 2.

Rick decided to go through with Tyreese's trading plan, only it ended up with Beth making an impulsive mistake in stabbing Dawn that cost her life.

Maggie and co arrived too late, she didn't get to reunite with her sister.

The church is overrun, and after the credits, Morgan finds the map that Abe addressed to Rick.

I saw Beth's death coming a mile away. Ever since they paired her with Daryl (arguable the most popular character) last season, I knew the purpose was "to get people to care about her before she dies." Apparently it worked. I just hope they don't make her death all about Daryl's man pain when it should be all about Maggie. (especially since Robert Kirkman confirmed that Beth was like Daryl's Sophia 2.0)

On a side note, was anyone else concerned for Judith when Michonne was going ape shit on that church door and those walkers? She was trashing around on her back. Damn! lol

The Newsroom

It was all about relationships. Will and Mac got married, (I still don't care) Jim and Hallie broke up, and Maggie's new boyfriend calls her out on her feelings for Jim. Don and Sloan find out the HR guy was essentially trolling them the entire time. 

Rebecca Halliday also continues to be boss. "I don't care if we're in your fucking hot tub."

Will also goes to jail, and I guess they're not going to do anything about Genoa this season. What a shame. Fuck you for pulling the plug on this series and shortening it to 6 episodes, Aaron Sorkin.

Also I'm calling that Mac is pregnant. 

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  1. I need to catch up on 'Newsroom.' I didn't realize they were coming back again. I'm kinda over the love triangles on that show, but I do like Will and Mac. Have you seen Amy Schumer's parody of 'Newsroom,' called "Foodroom?" Oh it's hilarious.

    I was pleasantly surprised with TWD this week. Probably b/c I thought last week was the mid-season finale! Ha, I got confused. So I was happy to see another episode. Yes, Beth had long died in the comics, so I figured she would bite it. That was a dumb way to go too. Seriously, what did she think would happen? I was hoping it would be Sasha though. I have a bad feeling that she may be the new Lori or Andrea.

    1. Beth wasn't even in the comics, but all of Hershel's other kids minus Maggie died, so I guess that's the same thing.

      I like Sasha, I think she'll turn into a real hard ass during the rest of the season so I'm glad it was Beth. She's the least interesting character and the worst actress, IMO.

  2. lol yet again, i forgot ALL ABOUT judith. how does judith survive and beth doesn't? lol

  3. Arghh...I did not stick around for the credits and once again missed the Morgan scene. I going try to catch the episode again when it reairs.

    I haven't read the comics so I didn't know for sure Beth was going to go for sure. But she was such a non character for most of the other seasons so the sudden focus on her kind of signals her demise.

    Wandering through the Shelves

    1. She wasn't even in the comics, and yes, her getting more screen time in season 4 was a giant red flag. (and confirmed by the show runner when he said he decided he was going to kill her back in S4)


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