Rambling TV: Thoughts on the series finale of The Newsroom + more

Go fuck yourself, Aaron Sorkin.

It had to be said. I've actually been saying it all season. I get that The Newsroom isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I loved the show. I liked the concept the cast was immensely talented. It's too bad Aaron Sorkin, the show's creator didn't feel the same. 

Sorkin's a genius, but let's face it. His ego is massive. He didn't get the same ratings he had for The West Wing, so he was ready to move on. Which is his right, I know, but it sucks for the people he put out of a job, and the viewers who liked the show. Not to mention he threw his entire production under the bus last week when he said the penultimate episode was the first one he actually liked. The Newsroom ended ahead of it's time because of Sorkin's ego. It's not like he wasn't putting out quality work.

Now let's talk the episode. In what seems to be a trend with HBO shows on their final season this year, this episode centered around unnecessary flashbacks of how Charlie got Mac to come to New Night. The present time was at Charlie's funeral. The series ended with Mac being promoted to Charlie's job, Jim being promoted to hers. Maggie is interviewing for a field producer position in D.C, and Jim vows to keep a long distance relationship with her because he loves her. Neal is back in the states, and lays a gentle verbal smackdown on Bree upon his return. (Though he has no scenes really with the rest of the cast, which is a damn shame) As many guested in the last episode, Mac is pregnant. The final scene was everyone in the Newsroom doing their job like Charlie would've wanted.

Parts were very touching and sweet, but this season's 6 episode order really hurt it. There just wasn't enough time. This show deserved more time. We didn't even get to find out what happened with the Genoa lawsuit, which was what SEASON 2 WAS ALL ABOUT!

Other TV thoughts:

Two big things happened in Agents of SHIELD's finale last Tuesday. Trip died, which really sucks because he was awesome, and Skye is revealed to be Daisy Johnson aka Quake. This should be interesting.

If you ever missed Kirsten Dunst's Drop Dead Gorgeous accent, fear not! You'll get to hear it again, she's just been cast in season 2 of Fargo.

I rewatched Sherlock and forgot how much I disliked Amanda Abbington as Mary. Good actress, just no chemistry with Watson. (Which is weird considering they're a couple in real life)

Since 3 of my shows ended this year, I'll be starting The Wire. (finally)

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  1. Wait...what?! I'm still working on season 2, but this season only has 6 episodes?! That's really not enough time to wrap things up. I haven't seen Kirsten Dunst in anything new recently, so I'm looking forward for her Fargo season.

    1. Yeah. six episodes. It's ridiculous. Sorkin really threw in the towel. Season one had ten episodes. Then season two was cut to nine, now six. It's ridiculous.


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