Review: Penguins of Madagascar

They're sick of hearing 'I like to move it" too.

If any of you have had the misfortune of seeing the Madagascar movies, you'll know that the penguins, while always a minor role were destined to be big. Now they are fulfilling that destiny by having their own movie.

This is the plot: Sick of hearing "that song" over and over, the Penguins leave and and promptly kidnapped by an Octopus (seriously) that was a former zoo mate of theirs, whose seriously butthurt over being shipped off from zoo to zoo in favor of the public paying more attention to cute and cuddly penguins. He's created a serum that's going to turn all the earth's penguins into monsters after he's done kidnapping them all. The penguins escape at first, but one of them (Private, the little one, on his quest to prove himself worthy) is taken again. Now they have to team up with an undercover organization, The North Wind, consisting of a bear, a wolf, an owl, and some other annoying animal that is escaping my mind that was voiced by the truly awful Ken Jueng. (seriously)

Obviously this movie isn't geared towards me, my son loved it, and that makes me happy. There were a few really stupid moments my husband and I laughed at, but holy shit this movie was dumb. I've never liked the Madagascar movies. When you have animated flicks like How to Train Your Dragon, WALL-E, The Lion King, etc, you can't really give these kind of films a pass when it comes to quality. It's possible to make a children's movie not painful for adults. This one didn't succeed at that.

Recommended: No

Grade: D

Memorable Quote: "Please Nicholas Cage them." - Dave (John Malkovich)


  1. I actually love the Madagascar movies, but I'm not a huge fan of the penguins. So, I skipped out on this one!

    If only they would make a movie about the monkeys from the second film. They were awesome!

    1. I'm surprised King Julian doesn't have his own movie, honestly.

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  3. I loved the first Madagascar movie but the others irritated me. Without children of my own yet I probably won't see this in the cinema but I do want to see it at some point!
    - Allie

    1. If you didn't like 2 or 3, this one feels more like that then it did the original.

  4. I didn't mind the first two Madagascar films, but I never bothered with the third. I'll probably skip this one. Though, Drew at A Fistful of Films loved it, which intrigues me. :/

    1. Heading to his site to see if he'll share whatever he's smoking. lol

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